Is My Septic Data Safe in the Cloud?

What is the cloud?

You hear a lot about “the cloud” these days. Many software companies, including ServiceCore septic software, use the cloud to store information. Basically, cloud computing refers to storing and accessing data through the internet instead of on your home computer or an internal server. The term “cloud” is also misleading as it implies that your septic data is floating around somewhere. Instead, your information is stored at secure physical data centers run by major companies such as Amazon. You’re probably already using the cloud if you use any web applications like Google Drive, Dropbox, or iTunes.

You may have questions like:


  • Isn’t my septic data safer on my desktop or laptop computer?
  • Can my data be hacked?
  • How reliable is secure web-based storage?



In reality, web-based storage is more secure than storing data on your computer’s hard drive. Just because your data is on the cloud, it doesn’t mean your septic data is open to the entire internet. Instead, it means your business data is stored on a computer (or network of computers) managed by another company.

Secure storage providers like Amazon have greater resources than the average business owner, and can apply multiple layers of data security to protect your information. Even in the case of an outage, redundancies in the system ensure backups of your data.

How is My Septic Data Protected?

    • Data stored in the cloud is encrypted. Complex encryption methods conceal your data. Breaking these encryptions requires a great deal of time, computer processing power, and effort. The average hacker would not be able to break these codes on his/her own.
    • Secure storage vendors employ a variety of additional data security techniques. From security guards at physical data centers to advanced programs that can detect a potential cyberattack, cloud service providers are prepared for a variety of scenarios.

How Secure is ServiceCore Septic Software?

      • ServiceCore received a grade of A+ for its online security measures.
      • ServiceCore is SSL-certified. Our site creates a secure connection between our system and your web browser.
      • SServiceCore leverages robust third party applications/services like Stripe, QuickBooks, and Amazon Web Services. These applications work together to protect your data.
      • ServiceCore doesn’t store customer credit card information. No one can access your customer’s financial information.
      • ServiceCore uses industry-standard security practices. We interact with APIs using unique tokens that are cryptographically generated, and our infrastructure is backed by Amazon. We are protected by the best security practices currently available.
      • Our developers are constantly monitoring the site to make sure your septic data is protected at all times. We’re always looking out for you!

Conclusion: The Benefits of Web-Based Storage Outweigh the Risks

Aside from the technical aspects of web-based security, your septic customer data is also safer in the cloud because it provides an automatic backup for essential information. Imagine your entire customer database was only stored on your desktop or laptop computer. What happens if your computer crashes? How long would it take you to rebuild the database from scratch? How much money would you lose if you lost your information? Many day-to-day business operations would be interrupted if you experienced massive data loss. With ServiceCore, you never have to worry about losing your septic data because of a hardware problem or internet outage.

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