ToiletTalk is ServiceCore’s conversation series where we sit down and talk with leaders from our industry about topics that help Portable Restroom Operators increase productivity. These conversations will help you get more done, and stress less. Get a Personalized Demo

Episode 7:

The 2022 Portable Sanitation Industry Benchmark Report

For far too long, portable sanitation operators have been lacking access to objective benchmarking data. So, ServiceCore decided to do something about that. We’ve collected feedback from hundreds of operators across America, and in this episode we sit down with an operator like you to discuss the findings from our inaugural report.

Our guest is Curtis Ingalls. He is the CEO of NexGen P-Pod of Denver, and P-Pod Manufacturing. If you haven’t downloaded the benchmark report (what are you waiting for?!?!) you can download it here >

Episode 6:

Tips To Take Your Sales Team To The Next Level

This episode of ToiletTalk is all about turning your sales team into a well oiled machine. Our guest is Kelly Luf, Senior Vice President at A Royal Flush. She’s built a winning sales team at ARF, and in this video she shares tips that you can use to take your sales team to the next level.

Episode 5:

The Section 179 Tax Deduction

In this episode of ToiletTalk we sit down with Jonathan Langley, a CPA that helps portable sanitation businesses with their taxes. Our conversation focuses on the Section 179 tax deduction. It allows business owners to deduct over $1mm per year for things like trucks, office equipment, and software (like ServiceCore). If you’re not taking advantage of this important deduction, watch this video to learn more. If you’d like to work with Jonathan, you can contact him here or at 615-440-0943.

Episode 4:

Buying or Selling A Portable Sanitation Business

In this episode of ToiletTalk we sit down with Damon Powell, from FMC Advisors. They help sanitation companies maximize the value of their business when it’s time to sell. In this conversation Damon shares what you need to know if you’re thinking about buying or selling a portable sanitation business.

Episode 3:

Build Your Digital Presence

In this episode of ToiletTalk, we sit down with Tanis Jamar, co-owner of J Bar Enterprises in Texas. Tanis and her husband David have built an amazing digital presence. Hear tips from Tanis about improving your website, getting more Google reviews, and getting the most out of social media.

Episode 2:

Improve Your Online Reputation

In this episode of ToiletTalk, we sit down with our own digital marketing expert, Tim. He has spent the past 20 years helping service businesses improve their online reputation and digital marketing, and he shares tips to improve your online reputation.

Episode 1:

The PSAI Helps PROs Grow

ServiceCore sat down with Veronica, the Executive Director of the PSAI to chat about the many ways they help Portable Restroom Operators grow their businesses and network with other PROs from around the world.

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