ServiceCore Pricing

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How ServiceCore Pricing Works

Our pricing structure is set up to accommodate a wide range of operators. From multi-truck companies all the way up to enterprise corporations with complex structures. All customers receive the best onboarding and training service along with access to live support with real people in the United States. Schedule a demo on this page to get pricing for your business.


  • Unlimited accounts for all staff members not on the schedule
  • Add or remove drivers at any time
  • Training is included in onboarding with 1-1 sessions


  • Number of assets (drivers/trucks) on the schedule
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Contract length

Frequently Asked Questions about ServiceCore

Who is ServiceCore built for?

ServiceCore is a tool built specifically for portable rental, septic, grease, and roll-off rental operators. It’s best for operators that have multiple routes and are interested in growing their business. ServiceCore cuts wasted time, manages jobs, optimizes routes, tracks inventory, and automates billing. Get a demo to learn more.

How do I know if ServiceCore is right for me?

If you are an operator that runs multiple trucks and is interested in growing their business, ServiceCore is right for you. Most of the operators that use ServiceCore have grown their business to a point where they outgrew spreadsheets and manual tasks and needed a better solution. ServiceCore cuts wasted time and makes every area of your business more efficient and productive.

How can ServiceCore help me with billing?

Most ServiceCore customers drastically reduce their billing time from a couple of days a month to something they can do over coffee each morning. On top of that, customers reduce past due invoices to nearly zero, provide better reports to owners, and regularly save money on their credit card fees along the way.

How does ServiceCore optimize my routes?

ServiceCore looks at your drivers, schedules, and jobs to determine the most efficient routes. Most operators that use ServiceCore reduce fuel costs and are able to add extra jobs to each route based on the efficiencies gained from ServiceCore’s route optimizer.

Is ServiceCore compatible with QuickBooks?

ServiceCore is compatible with QuickBooks and offers two-way data synchronization.We are fully equipped to support data migration to ServiceCore. Our data specialists can also help you with data migration from other software platforms.

How do I get started with ServiceCore?

The best way to get started with ServiceCore is to schedule a demo. You can fill out the demo form on this page, or call our ServiceCore sales line at 1-844-336-0611.


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One of the things I think is great about ServiceCore is that it’s really an end to end software experience. We’re able to work together as a team because it works along many different divisions of our company to make all of our lives easier.” -Kelly Luf, Vice President, A Royal Flush

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