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Frequently Asked Questions


Is ServiceCore built for my specific business?
ServiceCore is a tool built specifically for portable rental, septic, and dumpster rental businesses. It’s best for operators that have multiple trucks and want to make their business more efficient and productive.
How long has ServiceCore been around?
ServiceCore was founded in 2017. Today hundreds of portable restroom, septic, and dumpster operators make their business more efficient and productive with ServiceCore.
Do you offer on-site training?
ServiceCore has the biggest and best onboarding team in the industry. That is because we’ve hired former operators to train you and your staff. They can come to your business, or train you remotely.
How does onboarding and training work?
One of our Implementation Specialists will be with you and guide you through our 6-step onboarding process. Step 1 Kickoff: We will get to know each other and discuss your current workflows, pain points, and goals for implementing ServiceCore Step 2 Data: We will work with you to import as much of your existing data as possible. We have built a data ingestion tool that can import data from a wide variety of other software platforms or from spreadsheets. Step 3 Configuring your Account: We use a consultative approach to help you configure your account so that you get the most value out of ServiceCore Step 4 Training: We will train your company on all aspects of ServiceCore from Order Entry, to route optimization and batch billing. Our training sessions aren’t just general ServiceCore trainings, they are tailored to your company and your workflows so that your employees understand how to use ServiceCore Step 5 Go-live: This is the moment that you have been waiting for and is when you will be using all the ServiceCore features. Step 6 Support: When you are feeling comfortable with ServiceCore, it is time to transition you to our large, US based support team who will provide assistance, advice, and solutions moving forward. These are real people that you can pick up the phone and speak with!
How long till I’m set up and ready to use ServiceCore?
We want to make sure you are set up for success. That’s why we take the time to get your data into ServiceCore and train your staff, so they’re set up for success. Depending on the size of your business, that typically takes 6-12 weeks.
When we move over, does ServiceCore pick up the old data too?
Our implementation team will work with you to get your data into ServiceCore, so you have historical customer information at your fingertips.
When’s the best time of the year to transition to ServiceCore?
It depends on your business. If you’re growing, making the switch to ServiceCore at any time can help make your business more efficient and productive so you can provide better customer service.
Is this going to be straightforward and easy to use for my drivers too?
We built the ServiceCore mobile app with your drivers in mind, and we designed it to be easy and straightforward for them to use. It runs on Android or iOS, and it runs on a tablet or smartphone.
We’re not tech savvy, can we still use ServiceCore?
ServiceCore was designed specifically for your business. We built it to align with your processes, and we take the time to train your staff so they are set up to successfully use ServiceCore.
What can I do with the extra free time I get using ServiceCore?
ServiceCore cuts a lot of wasted time that was spent on manual or duplicate tasks. With the time you’ll save, your staff can focus on more productive parts of the business, like calling on past due customers, bidding on bigger jobs, etc. Most operators tell us once they started using ServiceCore, they actually had the time to take a family vacation.
Can I try ServiceCore first?
ServiceCore is a tool that brings all of your departments together and helps you run your business more efficiently. We take the time to understand your business, and your processes so you get the most out of the tool. That’s why we don’t offer a free trial.

Customer & Job Management

Can I re-assign or adjust a job in real time in emergencies?
Yes. All from one screen. And it will only take you a minute to reassign a job to another driver.
How do you set a job’s duration?
Simply enter how long you expect the job to take before it’s completed.
How do I flag a job as failed or incomplete?
Drivers have the ability to flag jobs that have an issue, were partially serviced, or incomplete. They’ll also be able to take a time-stamped photo of the issue for your records.
Do you have a customer portal?
At this time we do not have a customer portal. It is something that has been requested and is on our product roadmap.
Can you customize the naming of jobs?
Can jobs be scheduled in advance?
Yes. ServiceCore gives you a calendar view for all of your inventory so you can book future jobs with confidence—knowing you’ll have the units available for the job.


Can I specify a location without the exact address, like a football field, or construction site?
Many construction sites may not have an address. In ServiceCore you can pinpoint the exact location to place a unit on a map so your driver knows exactly where to go, and won’t waste time or fuel driving around.
What kind of tracking do I need for my drivers and what does ServiceCore include?
The ServiceCore mobile app allows you to monitor your drivers’ progress as jobs are completed. No extra software is required.
What do my drivers need to use ServiceCore?
The ServiceCore Mobile App has everything needed to set your drivers up for success.
Can I print a route sheet for my drivers?
Yes, but most drivers use the ServiceCore Mobile App so you can monitor their progress in real time, and communicate issues as they come up.

Inventory Management

How does the system know specific units are no longer available?
ServiceCore knows how much inventory is available today or any future date. Once jobs are booked, the system accounts for those jobs and will update the availability of your units and product lines.
Are you putting a GPS on inventory and/or trucks?
No. Locating units and tracking drivers is done through the ServiceCore Mobile app.

Billing & Accounting

How do you process credit card charges?
You can bill all of your customers in ServiceCore without going back and forth with your accounting system. If you’re using Stripe, Quickbooks, or Square, and are paying 3.25% in credit card fees or more, talk to us about lowering that rate with ServiceCorePAY.
What’s your credit card processing fee?
Typically we help businesses achieve rates below 3.25%. Talk to us about lowering your credit card processing fees in your personalized demo.
How do I invoice customers?
ServiceCore makes it easy to invoice your customers in minutes with just a few clicks. Most customers batch bill their customers each morning.
What if customers don’t want to provide their email address?
If customers don't want to provide an email address, you can set their preferred billing communication to "Print". When you run batch billing, you can print out all of the invoices for these customers with a single click.
Does ServiceCore allow you to set up different rates for each service area?
Yes. You can set up custom pricing for things like service areas, commercial customers, specific events, and much more.
Is there a way to block drivers from seeing the accounting side of the business?
Yes. You can set permissions to prevent drivers from seeing the accounting side of the business.
Does ServiceCore integrate with Quickbooks?
Yes. And with ServiceCore you don't need to go back and forth between Quickbooks and ServiceCore. Everything is done in ServiceCore.
When do you sync my data with Quickbooks?
Syncing your Quickbooks file with your ServiceCore account is one of the first things that your Implementation Specialist will help you do. During your onboarding, we will continuously import your data from Quickbooks into ServiceCore so you have the most up to date data when you start using ServiceCore.
Where do I run my reports from, Quickbooks or ServiceCore?
You can do everything inside of ServiceCore.
Do I still need my accounting software if I use ServiceCore?
Yes, ServiceCore works with your accounting software, but you do not need to leave ServiceCore to invoice your customers or record payments. ServiceCore feeds that information back into your accounting system automatically.


How much does ServiceCore cost?
ServiceCore is priced on a per truck basis. We don’t charge for any additional seats for your office staff. To see exact pricing for your business, schedule a demo.
What is included in ServiceCore’s pricing?
Customer and job management, routing, inventory, and billing are all included with ServiceCore. If you would ike help with digital marketing, ServiceCore offers digital marketing packages at an additional cost.
Are there any additional costs?
If you are interested in having ServiceCore help you with digital marketing, there is an additional cost. Learn more about ServiceCore Digital Marketing.
Are there any contracts?
ServiceCore is billed monthly with an annual contract. We believe that you’re making an investment in your business, and we want to help you get the most out of this powerful tool.

Customer Support

What customer support is included?
ServiceCore hires more people from the portable sanitation and dumpster industries than any other software company in our space. We do this because they understand your business and can provide you with the best training and support, hands down!
How can I reach out to support if needed?
You can contact ServiceCore customer support by calling 1-888-691-1333 or our support page.
Where is your customer support based?
100% of ServiceCore’s support team is located in the United States.
Do you do backups in ServiceCore?
We take data seriously and regularly back up our data with multiple redundancies.
What if one of my guys leaves and I have to train someone new?
We have built some incredible tools that can help your new employee get up to speed. New users and users who might need a quick refresher, can get up to speed quickly by watching the recorded training sessions that we held for your team during onboarding. These training sessions are specific to your business and are the same videos that helped you learn our platform! Please let me know if you do not have these recordings and we will share them with you. "Walk Me" is an awesome tool that can be found by simply logging in to ServiceCore and clicking the ? icon in the bottom left. The Walk Me tool can guide a user step by step through different actions so they can learn by doing! Walk me also stores quick training videos that can be watched right before you try to perform an action. Our customers love this tool because it’s really user friendly and lets you train on your own schedule. We have also built out an extensive knowledge base that is full of detailed how-to articles and videos. You can access our knowledge base by logging into your account, clicking on your name, clicking support, and then clicking on ServiceCore Knowledge Base or you can bookmark this link: https://support.servicecore.com/hc/en-us/categories/360000271251-ServiceCore-Support If you still have questions, remember that you and your team have access to our incredible support team that can be reached by phone (1-888-691-1333), by email (support@servicecore.com), by submitting a request, or by chatting with them by clicking the support button on our support page.
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