One Tool To Manage Your Portable Sanitation Or Dumpster Business

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Your Office Together, In The Same Tool

Whether you’re the owner, operations or office manager, bookkeeper, dispatcher or sales rep, ServiceCore allows you to get your job done from the same tool the rest of the team works in. This is the #1 reason why operators that use ServiceCore are able to provide better customer service.


Start Your Days With Clarity

When you access ServiceCore, you get a quick and crystal clear view of what you need to do (with service or invoice reminders), what’s your inventory availability, how your business is doing, and what your schedule looks like. And you can search for any customer record to avoid the scavenger hunt anytime you get a call.


Make It Your Own

Even though ServiceCore is purpose-built for your industry, we know there’s no one size fits all. That’s why our onboarding team will work with you to understand your processes before training your team to successfully use ServiceCore.


Portable Sanitation and Dumpster Operators Choose ServiceCore

Game Changing—Without Reinventing The Wheel

Your business, just more efficient

Customer And Job Management

Get all your customer records and information at your fingertips. Offer better and faster service and keep track of what’s going on. No more sticky notes or relying on memory.

bullet-point Add new customers and jobs with just a few clicks from one screen.
bullet-point Search customers by name, company, address, phone or email.
bullet-point Get a quick view of every job or rental for a specific customer.
bullet-point Create customer types with custom pricing.
bullet-point Keep track of all customer sites, credit card details, contacts and more.
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Billing And Account Receivables

Turn billing nightmares, manual or duplicate operations into a seamless experience. Both for your staff and for your customers.

bullet-point Batch-invoice hundreds of customers in one click.
bullet-point Industry standard billing cycles, customizable rental rates and pricing, and the ability to add surcharges.
bullet-point Allow for online payments, send invoices via email or print them.
bullet-point Automatically see any outstanding balances without hunting.
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Schedule, Routing And Dispatching

Your dispatchers get everything they need to make decisions on how to get jobs completed successfully, faster. Adjusting routes and assigning jobs is as easy as a drag and drop.

bullet-point Optimize your routes with a click of a button.
bullet-point Get a daily, weekly list or map view of your jobs schedule by driver.
bullet-point Filter what you see by driver, job or rental type and division.
bullet-point Schedule manually or using suggestions based on closest location, total miles, and jobs.
bullet-point View service, drive and total time per route and optimize it automatically or manually.
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ServiceCore Mobile App

Give drivers and operators in the field what they need to get their job done successfully. No more redundant paperwork, constant phone calls and unhappy customers. Just an easy to use app.

bullet-point Preview an entire route or all jobs with every detail you need. All from one screen.
bullet-point Drivers get turn by turn directions on iOS or Android.
bullet-point Keep track of actual service times for every job with a click of a button.
bullet-point Mark jobs as completed, partially completed or unable to complete.
bullet-point Add notes and attachments like photos to document your services.
bullet-point Flag additional charges and capture customer signatures.
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Inventory Management

Know the exact location of every unit and see it all at-a-glance on a map. View available units on a calendar and schedule jobs with confidence. And say goodbye to over or under booking jobs.

bullet-point Give drivers the information they need to place units in the exact locations customers want.
bullet-point Enter multiple product lines and see the availability of all of them on one screen.
bullet-point Cut down on lost units.
bullet-point Let your sales team know what units are available at any time and minimize under utilization.
bullet-point Know if a unit has damage in real time and add a damage or cleaning fee.
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ServiceCore Digital Marketing

Need help with your website and digital marketing? We will build and manage your website, get you more Google reviews, and make it easy for potential customers to find you online. We handle the tech. That way, you can focus your attention on running your business.

bullet-point Get More Business From Your Website.
bullet-point Improve Your Reputation Online.
bullet-point Increase your social media presence.
bullet-point See Results Fast With Ads
bullet-point Monthly progress reports that show you what's working
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No Shooting In The Dark

Keep track and measure what matters so you can make better decisions to grow your business.

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ServiceCore Gives You The Reports You Need


Business overview & operations

Reports by job type, service location and service area. Choose daily or monthly job reports.

Aging reports

See all unpaid balances and immediately send individual or batch statements.

Sales and customers reports

See your deposits, sales by invoice line items and customers, revenue and more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ServiceCore built for my specific business?
ServiceCore is a tool built specifically for portable rental, septic, and dumpster rental businesses. It’s best for operators that have multiple trucks and want to make their business more efficient and productive.
We’re not tech savvy, can we still use ServiceCore?
ServiceCore was designed specifically for your business. We built it to align with your processes, and we take the time to train your staff so they are set up to successfully use ServiceCore.
What kind of tracking do I need for my drivers and what does ServiceCore include?
The ServiceCore mobile app allows you to monitor your drivers’ progress as jobs are completed. No extra software is required.
Are you putting a GPS on inventory and/or trucks?
No. Locating units and tracking drivers is done through the ServiceCore Mobile app.
Does ServiceCore integrate with Quickbooks?
Yes. In fact it seamlessly works with ServiceCore. And the best part is you can do all of your billing in ServiceCore without having to go back and forth with Quickbooks.
What support is included?
ServiceCore hires more people from the portable sanitation and dumpster industries than any other software company in our space. We do this because they understand your business and can provide you with the best training and support, hands down!

Run A More Efficient And Profitable Business

Get one, easy-to-use tool to manage your entire septic, portable toilet or dumpster business. From the office to the field.

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