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And Windshield Time

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The Mobile App Is Easy For Drivers To Use

The driver selects the job, clicks Start and gets turn by turn directions to the exact location. Time tracking is included, so you’ll know how long it took the driver to drop off or service a unit, and you can provide coaching if needed. And the driver can use the app to collect signatures in the field.


Drivers Know Exactly Where To Place, Service, Or Pick Up Units

The ServiceCore app shows your drivers exactly where to place units. The driver presses one button on the app to record the latitude and longitude of where the unit is placed.


Track Productivity From The Office

Before a driver moves on to the next job, they’ll hit Complete Job on the ServiceCore app and you’ll be able to monitor their progress in real time throughout the day. This will help you save on fuel costs and wasted windshield time.


Make Adjustments On The Fly

Emergencies can happen, so you need to be flexible. With ServiceCore, you can adjust a driver’s route on the fly and communicate the change to them in real time.


Resolve Issues Quickly

If there is a problem like a locked gate or damaged unit, drivers can provide feedback to the office quickly by taking a picture of the problem with their ServiceCore Mobile App. Your office staff will see what happened and they can contact the customer or add additional charges.

Case Study

Portable Sanitation Business Outgrows Their Software & Makes The Switch To ServiceCore.

Flush loves how easy it is for their drivers to use the ServiceCore mobile app.

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Our implementation specialists will help you get started with ServiceCore. They understand your business because they are former operators that have walked in your shoes. Real people, just like you.
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