Worry Free Credit Card Processing


Why use Clover Connect?

Having the right tools in place is essential to ensure your business is running as smoothly as possible. One key tool to help streamline your payment receiving process is a credit card processor. At ServiceCore, we partner with Clover Connect to give you the best in credit card processing at the best rates. We sat down with the team at Clover Connect to answer a few common questions about using a credit card processor and why you should consider using Clover Connect.

How do I know if switching will save me money?  

  • ServiceCore will provide you with a free rate analysis. In most cases, direct integration removes unnecessary gateway and middleware fees which saves time and money by preventing the need to reconcile various sources.


Does Clover Connect help protect my money from fraud?

  • Yes!


Is there a monthly minimum processing requirement or fee?

  • There is a minimum fee of $25 per month.


Do you offer online reporting services?

  • Yes. We use Cardpointe which is a real-time transaction management and reporting portal. This portal is accessible online at any time.


What customer support is available?


How easy is it to switch to Clover Connect?


Are there any installation or set-up fees?

  • Nope!


Will I need to purchase a terminal to receive payments?

  • No. ServiceCore’s software system allows for credit cards to be typed into customer records or to be invoiced and run automatically. It doesn’t require a card to be present on-site to run credit cards. ServiceCore tokenizes the card by storing the last name and last 4 digits of the card.


Can you verify and secure a credit  card payment from the driver’s mobile device in the field? 

  • Yes, Clover Connect and ServiceCore have made secure processing available in the field so payments can be taken in real-time.


How does a driver in the field take a credit card?  

  • The driver could be provided permission to access accounting, which would allow the driver to click their menu option in the application, and select “view full site”. This will then connect the APP to full site credentials in which they could accept the credit card payment. This is not included in the normal driver application.
  • If the driver does not have permission to access accounting and accept payments, they must enter card info into the notes or take a picture. ServiceCore’s “take picture attachment” field captures a one time picture and does not save that picture to the phone’s photo album, thus not storing it on the driver’s device.