Pros vs Cons of Getting Software for Your Business


We all know that change can be intimidating, but if it can help save your company time and money, isn’t it worth it? As a software company, we know that choosing the right software can do just that. By streamlining your data entry, tracking inventory, and automating your billing you may even find yourself with almost too much time on your hands! To help you decide whether or not making the change to a software platform is right for your business, we have put together a list of pros and cons for you to consider.





Manual data entry isn’t just  tedious, it’s also dangerous. One wrong key stroke and important information could be lost for good. Not to mention the challenges of reading someone else’s handwriting, or making sure everything has been calculated and recorded correctly. That’s why it’s so important to choose a software that’s cloud-based or has automatic back ups. When storing your data digitally in a software platform all of your documentation is in one centralized location, the data is secure, and there is no longer any need to worry about losing or searching for old records when everything is in one location. The right software should also help to minimize human error by assisting or automating tasks such as tracking and invoicing.



With access to all of your business’ information on any device, drivers and the office personnel can instantly update one another with information and customer documentation. No need to keep track of paper documents when everything can be done on a phone or tablet from the field. A shared cloud application allows your team to work on documents in real time.



You can use ServiceCore software anywhere! You can log in from a computer, tablet or use the mobile app. If you have work to do and can’t make it into the office you can jump on any computer or even your cell phone and login right in. 





Being organized allows you to be more efficient and save time! Software should be a one stop shop for all of your customer account information, sites, schedules, rentals, jobs, reminders, inventory, reports and billing. By automating large portions of your billing and invoicing tasks you will free up hours every week. Who knows, after switching over to the right software platform you might have enough time to knit that sweater you’ve always wanted!



If your drivers enjoy life on the road and the wind in their hair ServiceCore might not be right for them. Our software is designed to reduce the total miles driven on every route, which in turn saves hours on the clock and ups your profit margins. Rather than searching Google Maps for the best route to take and making some guesses, you can log in to see which driver is closest to handle a given job. The “schedule suggest” button looks at those variables and spits out the best driver for the job.


Written by Joy Weber