How ServiceCore Helped a Roll-off Company Streamline their Business



Smitherz Container Service has been in the roll-off industry for the last four years in The Bay State (Massachusetts). As Smitherz grew, using paper slips was no longer an efficient way to run their company. Smitherz was looking for a modern software that was reasonably priced, user friendly, and readily available on a tablet. Josh, the owner, chose ServiceCore as their roll-off software to help solve their growing pains.

We understood that Smitherz was struggling to keep track of their orders and wanted to increase the efficiency between the field and the office. This paired really well with our customer management, job tracking features, our mobile app and inventory calendar.


As Smitherz Container grew, they began to experience growing pains. An increase in inventory made it difficult to keep track of where everything was and when it was scheduled to move. With more pickups and deliveries their drivers needed the ability to adjust their schedules in the field, but unfortunately they didn’t have the technology to do this. This forced the drivers to come back into the office and get updated dispatch tickets any time there was a change, costing them time and money. Paperwork was becoming cumbersome and difficult to manage, so Smitherz Container knew it was time to make a change to support their growth.


Post onboarding, which was made up of a combination of team training and email threads with the ServiceCore team, Smitherz was able to dump old processes and replace them with more efficient versions.
  • All drivers now have a tablet with them in the truck.
    • This allows them to receive updated routes and complete job notes on the go vs. driving back to the office to get carbon copied slips.
  • The office staff tracks inventory at sites and at the yard, conducting swaps as needed.
    • This offers real-time data on the status and location (in both list and map view) of every dumpster vs. trying to dig to find the paperwork for the job.
  • The business no longer uses carbon copies in the office or on the road.
    • The driver’s routes, tracking inventory, customer information, is entirely consolidated and accessible via phone, tablet or computer. This saves time and frustration compared to sharing offline resources. 

If you are interested in seeing how ServiceCore can save you time, money and streamline your business processes for your roll off dumpster rental business, click here to speak with a team member.

By Joy Weber