Customer Success Story: Roll-Off Company goes from Paper to Software



Customer Success Story:

Roll-Off Company goes from Paper to Software


Expert Disposal is a 14 year old roll-off company located in Colorado. They have seven yards across the front range and 300+ dumpsters. Previous owner and current employee, Galen, had experience with other software in the past but none had lived up to expectations. In 2020 Chad and Jeni Pottenger purchased the business from Galen who was running the business on pen and paper. With the new, do-it-all owners, Expert Disposal moved from a pen and paper system to ServiceCore to help run their business more efficiently. They researched 4-5 different companies and picked ServiceCore because of the wide range of functionality, reviews, and video learning library. By implementing ServiceCore, Expert Disposal improved inventory tracking, maximized their revenue, time, and system efficiency.


Since onboarding with ServiceCore, Expert Disposal feels like they’re operating much more smoothly. To recap, here are the increases in efficiencies, time savings, and decreased headaches that they shared with us at ServiceCore.

  • Easy Scheduling
    • When Chad bought the company, he realized he couldn’t do all the manual labor that came with paper routing. He said, “I can’t do this, there is no freakin way.” The first couple months he said he didn’t help Galen with routing because it was overwhelming. ServiceCore helps Expert Disposal easily schedule the weekly routes.
  • No more duplicated jobs
    • ServiceCore doesn’t allow you to pick up a unit twice!
    • The company saves time and money on fuel by implementing ServiceCore. Every time a truck is in motion it’s making money.
  • Tracking 100% of Inventory
    • They saved money by not misplacing units. Lost units mean lost revenue and wasted capital.
    • Expert Disposal got back on track when onboarding with ServiceCore by uncovering a lost unit.
  • Increased Convenience & Time Savings
    • The team can schedule from anywhere using their phone, laptop or iPad.
    • When emergencies happen, Chad & Jeni can easily rearrange routes to keep their customers happy.
  • Increased Driver Satisfaction
    • After signing up with ServiceCore, Chad & Jeni learned of yet another positive, their drivers love the app! This wasn’t something they entirely expected as some of their drivers aren’t the most tech-savvy.


ServiceCore helps many other companies just like Expert Disposal run their business more efficiently, profitably and provide a better service to their customers. If you are interested in seeing how ServiceCore can benefit your roll off dumpster rental business more specifically, click here to speak with a team member.