ServiceCore Caught Up with Our New Partner: Dynamic Print + Promotions!

A little about Dynamic Print + Promotions:

Dynamic was started over 20 years ago with the mission to provide quality decals. They expanded in 2009 by acquiring Contek and then again in 2012 with the acquisition of The Letter Company. Both of these companies were known for their long-term customer service and quality screen-printed decals. In June 2021, Dynamic expanded even more and bought Dynamic Displays & Graphics. They are growing at an impressive rate while providing the great customer service they’ve become known for!

ServiceCore partnered with Dynamic Print + Promotions because they are a leading supplier for portable toilet, dumpster and septic companies. A bonus is that they are focused on great customer service. We sat down with Dynamic owner John Langworthy, to learn more about what makes his company so successful with waste companies. He answered questions about shipping, turnaround time, longevity, best products and tips and tricks.


Q1: What else would you like to share about your company?

We made the decision that we wanted to be a full service printing company for our customers and partner with them to help them grow their businesses and build their brand. Along the way, we have added promotional items and apparel to our printing capabilities. Also, as of June 1st 2021, we bought the company John Langworthy sold in 2008, Dynamic Displays & Graphics and moved them into our headquarters. We have a strong desire to help businesses grow and believe in making our customers’ brand strong, all while providing customer service that is second to none.

Q2: Does Dynamic Print + Promotions ship anywhere in the world?

Dynamic has customers in Australia and Trinidad that we regularly ship products to, but the majority of our product is shipped in North America.

Q3: What is the typical turnaround time for orders?

Normal decal production is 7 working days with rush service usually available at a slight up-charge. Promotional products depend greatly on whether the product is sourced domestically or brought in from overseas. Our portable trade show displays are usually done in 10-12 working days with custom exhibits requiring a little more time.

Q4: What products do you make for the portable toilet industry?

The main products we supply the portable toilet industry are our restroom decals and truck graphics. There are always a wide variety of promotional products going through our production facility for our partners in the portable toilet industry for promoting their business and thanking their customers. Apparel is a growing market for us as companies want their employees to wear nice looking branded apparel allowing the employees to be like mini billboards running around town during and after work hours.

Q5: What products do you make for the dumpster roll-off industry?

Dynamic Print + Promotions will be exhibiting at the WasteExpo and helping companies in the solid waste industry with the same products and services we help our liquid waste customers. This industry also has issues with decals sticking and those in the solid waste industry love our Monster Stick product line. Most solid waste customers don’t require the original Monster product so thereby the reason we came out with Monster Jr. five years ago. We also do a lot of reflective hi-viz clothing and safety apparel for this group of customers.

Q6: What are the best tips and tricks for proper installation?

Always start with a clean surface. Clean the surface with an application fluid, like a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol on a lint free cloth thoroughly. You’ll also want to ensure the surface area is between 55-75 degrees. Rough, dull, peeling, porous, or dirty surfaces will likely not produce an acceptable vinyl application.

Q7: How do you protect against UV damage with decals/stickers?

For our clients in areas of high UV ray exposure we usually recommend a UV lamination, which is basically like adding sunscreen to your decals and easily adds 2 additional years of wear life to your decals.

Q8: What is your monster stick?

Our Monster Stick is the most aggressive adhesive backed vinyl in the graphic industry and can only be found at Dynamic Print + Promotions! It’s perfect for heavily textured plastics or other hard-to-stick surfaces requiring decals. It is used in the waste industry, on the back of carpet, bed liners of truck, by the military and for anyone with less than idea surfaces requiring decals

Another great, but less aggressive, adhesive is our Monster Jr. It has a slightly thinner layer of adhesive than Monster Stick, but it’s a big step up from the industry standard for smooth, low surface energy plastic surfaces.

Q9: How long can decals and stickers last?

This is a tricky question as the environment has everything to do with a decals life. Constant sun, extreme temperatures, corrosive chemicals used while cleaning will all greatly affect a decals life. We normally say a decal should look good and represent your company’s brand for 3-5 years.

Q10: What is the best way to remove a decal or sticker without damaging your inventory?

Dynabrade makes a tool that costs about $300 that does a great job of taking a decal off with its large circular eraser. That being said, it still isn’t easy to remove a Monster Stick decal and that is why we say; “it sticks so good it’s almost scary”.


Get in touch with Dynamic Print + Promotions:

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