Crazy Mountain Industries go from Excel to ServiceCore


Crazy Mountain Industries is a family-owned company that was started in 1972 and passed from father to son in 1993. Based in Montana, Jamie Hillman and his wife, Deonne, have been running the business for the last 13 years. They were thriving and they were even able to secure business with Yellowstone National Park to supply and clean their portable toilets. As their business grew, they quickly began to realize that Excel and QuickBooks could only take them so far. What they wanted was a user-friendly software to organize their business and make billing more efficient.

Managing their drivers’ schedules in this rural location. They needed to route without addresses and be able to operate without cell service.
Office staff was entering invoices by hand each month. This was taking 2-3 days to write, record, and mail.
They were losing units due to tracking inventory in Excel. One wrong click and a portable toilet location or cleaning schedule could be deleted.
They realized a “touch and go” system would help their office function more efficiently without requiring a sharp learning curve with the technology.

After 5 long years of shopping around for a single software solution that checked all of their boxes, Crazy Mountain decided on ServiceCore!

Rural routing is now possible for the drivers

  • Can manage the drivers’ schedules in Yellowstone National Park with the ability to customize latitude and longitude of service locations as needed.

Every route is optimized for efficiency & location

  • The team manages the drivers’ schedules in Yellowstone Park, customizing the latitude and longitude of service locations as needed. They also use the optimization feature to make the routes as efficient as possible.

Easy recurring billing each month

  • Invoicing takes 10 minutes/month and can be done directly in the software vs. 2-3 days/month entering by hand.

Inventory calendar & tracking is centralized and safe

  • The office can see where each unit is and what inventory is available by date vs. using Excel where mistakes can easily be made.
  • Crazy Mountain uncovered 3 lost toilets and lost revenue by switching from Excel to ServiceCore. Losing a unit affects not only reputation but loss of revenue. Crazy Mountain lost 6-12 months of revenue per unit by not charging a rental fee and not pumping or charging for the unit.