Can software make you as much money as it costs?


Can software make you as much money as it costs?


There is a lot that goes into running a successful business and ServiceCore was designed with one goal in mind: improve your efficiency and bottom line. Our software solution was built specifically for the portable toilet, septic, and roll-off dumpster industries. One way we accomplish this goal is by reducing fuel and maintenance costs on your service vehicles.

One feature within the ServiceCore software is Route Optimization. We take all of your jobs on a route, including start & end points, and find the quickest, most efficient route. In order to determine if this feature in our software can improve your efficiency and profitability, we need to look at your return on investment (ROI). ServiceCore has put together a ROI calculator to help you see just how much we can save your business.

All you need to do is input the following values into the calculator:

  • Your number of trucks
    • This number varies for each business. If you run a different number of trucks depending on the season, use your average number of trucks.
  • Average miles driven per day 
    • This number varies greatly depending on the city or country you are operating in. An estimate here will be just fine. 
  • Average miles per gallon
    • This number will help give the most accurate fuel cost per day. 

Now that you have input your values, let’s break down how the calculator uses those values to calculate your return on investment.


  • Total miles driven per month 
        • Your number of trucks * Avg miles driven per day * lowest number of working days in a month (20)
      • Fuel cost per mile 
        • Cost of fuel per Gallon ($3.50) / Avg miles per gallon
  • Total fuel cost per month
      • Total miles driven per month * Fuel cost per mile


  • Total miles saved per month
        • Percent saved by optimization x Total miles driven per month
  • Per month fuel savings
  • Total miles saved per month x Fuel cost per mile

Now let’s look at an example of a company with 15 trucks, averaging 100 miles per day per truck and each truck gets 6 miles per gallon. 



Based on this example this company will save an estimate of $1,500.00 monthly on fuel by using ServiceCore to optimize all their routes. This is just one of the many cost saving features within ServiceCore. 

Other ways to save money by switching to ServiceCore:

  • Easy scheduling saves you time and money. This takes out the manual labor of scheduling and dealing with paper routes. You can add and edit the schedule from any device anywhere!
  • Tracking 100% of your inventory, meaning no misplaced units, and missed opportunities and lost revenue.
  • Increased convenience & time savings. When emergencies happen, you can easily add or rearrange routes to keep your customers happy.
  • Accounting and invoicing are offered with ServiceCore so you get paid faster. You can set up auto payments or send out email invoices and get paid with a click of a button from your customers. 


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