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Our PROs – Meet the industry experts at ServiceCore


At ServiceCore, we exclusively cater to the portable toilet, septic, and roll-off industries. With that level of industry focus, it’s essential we not only understand the needs of our customers, but that we hire from within the industry.

We sat down with 3 such employees: Wendy Cross (Strategic Partnerships), Shea Drury (Account Executive), and Wes Ryan (Customer Success) to see how their industry experience plays a role in their work at ServiceCore.


Describe your industry experience – where did you work, for how long, what were some responsibilities you had, etc.

[Shea] I was with Waste Pro, in two divisions. I started with Jacksonville, where there were over 100 drivers with residential, roll off and front load. We had portable toilets when I first started, but sold that off to USS my first year there. I was over all Operations and then also the Palm Coast Division where I was Division Manager. I managed P&L, Ops, Safety, and Maintenance for about 45 drivers.
[Wendy] I was with Arnold’s Environmental Services for 5 years as the Sales Director and HR Manager. I was responsible for all special event account development and management. I supported customer service and operations for both the toilet and septic divisions. I also managed payroll, employee benefits, recruitment and hiring and any disciplinary action.
[Wes] I was with Approved Toilet Rentals for A little over a year. I started out as an inside salesperson managing customer accounts and inputting all orders. After about 4 months I took a position to be head of billing for the company while still keeping my sales role. In April the Operations Manager position vacated and I transitioned into running day to day operations facilitating deliveries and making sure routing/dispatch was being handled properly. All while using ServiceCore.


What made you want to join ServiceCore?

[Shea] I noticed a need for software in the industry to help businesses become more efficient and competitive.  Too many are still doing a lot of things pen and paper, it’s time to evolve to a more modern way. I wanted to be part of that evolution.
[Wendy] I had been wanting to make a change from my current position/employer and the opportunity with SC literally presented itself at the exact right time. Having used the product myself I knew it was the best one around and being able to join the team has been awesome! 
[Wes] After using the software exclusively for a year I saw the value that it added to our industry. The opportunity to transition presented itself to me and I decided I wanted to try and help the folks that we serve be able to have easier lives in the roles they are currently in.


How do you use your industry knowledge while working at ServiceCore?

[Shea] I’m able to really connect with operators. I’ve experienced the long days, running routes, working weekends, all the stuff that makes it such a challenging job.
[Wendy] I love being able to build a relationship with our current and potential customers as someone who knows exactly what their daily work life looks like. Being able to “talk shop” with them, plus how I was also an end user of the SC software really connects with them. 
[Wes] Being an SC end user benefits heavily in my training role. It’s very easy to build trust with our clients when I can level with them. I understand their struggles and pain points because I lived them and have ways to combat them. Industry knowledge has been very beneficial for myself and our customers so far.


What’s your favorite story from working in the waste industry?

[Shea] Too many to tell! Every day is different, the people are great, WasteExpo was a story for the books though.
[Wendy] There are so many stories that are shared across the industry. The long history and relationships are priceless. Personally though, at my very first conference I met a gentleman who was just a kid when his dad was providing the toilets for Woodstock. Of course, they didn’t have enough because we all know how that music festival went down in history for attendance!
[Wes] I could go on for hours. From unpleasant showers to toilets falling off of trucks on main highways. The best stories though are the ones that come from the people that you serve. I never thought joining this industry would let me meet so many great people.


What does it mean to you to be able to assist your former industry peers?

[Shea] I love it, love being able to help other companies grow and knowing our software will help them out I think is the best part about working at ServiceCore.
[Wendy] I am so grateful that I am still a part of this wonderful industry. As SC has grown and continues to build an amazing product I am proud to be able to help others see its benefits.
[Wes] It means everything to me. Being able to help these folks with day to day struggles by offering tidbits of information that I used or advice that I gave my peers in the field is great.


What was your favorite feature in ServiceCore when you were working in the industry?

[Shea] My favorite feature was the route optimization. It saved me incredible time for my set routes on how to run them either residential or commercial.
[Wendy] I loved it all! So user friendly. Being able to add the customer and specific site notes made the communication between the office and the drivers in the field so much better. 
[Wes] Ease of use, it made it so that anyone in our office could do anything. 


What time saving process did ServiceCore offer when you worked in the industry?

[Shea] Sending invoices and being able to take payment over the phone was super easy. I also loved being able to drag and drop to adjust the schedule on the fly.
[Wendy] It was very user friendly, so quick to be able to add a new job or service and even quick to add a new customer. Sending an invoice and taking a payment was a breeze. 
[Wes] The fact that I (salesman) could input a new customer, rental, service and invoice in about 5 minutes time. Time is valuable and our software saves it for the industry.