ServiceCore Partners With New Lane Finance For Business Lending Done Right


ServiceCore partnered with New Lane Finance so our customers have business lending done right.
At ServiceCore, we believe in helping businesses succeed within their industries by not only providing them an all-in-one software but also connecting them to reputable partners. Our new partner, New Lane Finance, offers our customers an amazing opportunity to grow their business by utilizing equipment financing.

About New Lane Finance:

In 2017, New Lane Finance was started by two industry veterans in Philadelphia, with the mission of forever changing the equipment finance industry. They help businesses reach success with selling equipment & offering affordable payment options for essential business purchases. NewLane Finance is backed by WSFS Bank, which is a $20 billion regional institution. Their purpose is mapped out through their four principles: integrity, passion, teamwork, and commitment to excellence.

What you can expect from New Lane Finance:

They offer a transparent financing approach so you don’t have to deal with roadblocks, legal jargon, or complicated processes that stop you from feeling good about financing. 

You can also expect an in-house process that enables you to submit applications in minutes and get funding and payment in hours.

Their solutions-oriented, dedicated workforce combines decades of industry experience with truly getting to know you and your needs. New Lane Finance holds themselves to high standards to make sure that you’re always satisfied.

Why Use Financing Instead of Cash?

Many companies do not have the ability to purchase new equipment upfront. New Lane Finance makes it so you have more purchasing power, quicker cash flow, flexibility and thus the ability to grow your customer base.

Utilizing financing rather than cash purchases helps companies be able to get more equipment faster in order to grow their customer base so that revenue is built up much more efficiently. In addition, conserving cash offers flexibility for companies to save for uncertain circumstances. New Lane Finance offers adjustable payment schedules that can follow companies revenue cycles to ensure their business is running smoothly & keeping customers satisfied. 

To read more about this topic, read New Lane Finance’s blog here:

Using Finance Companies vs. Banks

There are many reasons why using a finance company instead a bank is better for your company especially if you are a small to midsized business. First, banks may not be as specialized or have as full of an understanding of your industry because equipment financing is not their primary service. This can create roadblocks with communication and processes. Banks can also be biased towards small and even midsized businesses due to the risks involved so your application may not be approved and there might be unattainable qualifications. New Lane Finance’s customer base is made up of many small businesses so you know they won’t turn you down for that reason.

Another roadblock of financing through banks is the amount of time you may spend waiting for application approval. Application processes through a bank may take days to weeks which can be critical time for many businesses. New Lane Finance has a speedy process that allows their customers to hear back within hours so you aren’t playing any waiting games. And, because New Lane Finances specializes in equipment financing, they understand small and young businesses so you know you will get the support & knowledge you need from their experts. Learn more about this topic here:

How New Lane Finance Benefits ServiceCore Customers

ServiceCore partnered with New Lane Finance for many reasons and one being because many people in the liquid waste industry utilize equipment financing to help along their path to success. Many of our customers have used them to grow their business by purchasing new units such as septic trucks, portable toilets, or roll off dumpsters. 

Another aspect of New Lane Finance that ServiceCore customers benefit from is using them to help sell equipment your business no longer needs without having to use valuable time. Having a finance company you can trust and that is knowledgeable about the industry is a great resource we want our customers to have.

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