Waste Software: Get More Work Done in Less Time

It’s 2022, it’s time to let software make your life easier!

Have you been debating upgrading or implementing software for your portable toilet, septic, or roll off business? We understand these industries have unique challenges that require an industry specific software solution. When looking for new software it’s important to first outline what challenges your business is facing and find a software that can provide solutions. 

Accounting & Invoicing

Challenge: “Advanced monthly billing for additional units is time consuming because I have to review all inventory and delivery info and prorate manually.”

All across the country, liquid waste and roll off companies are spending countless hours on accounting and invoicing. Manually entering numbers and printing out invoices is a thing of the past. By automating your accounting and invoicing needs with ServiceCore you can avoid wasting valuable time and get paid faster!

  • Faster Invoicing

Get paid faster by creating, sending, and printing invoices. You can also use the invoice overlay to ensure your customers are billed for every job.

  • Quickbooks Integration

No need to switch back and forth between programs. ServiceCore software and your existing QuickBooks account integrate seamlessly.

  • Credit Card Processing

ServiceCore is fully integrated with Clover Connect so that you can accept credit card payments directly and securely at a more affordable rate.

  • Dynamic Pricing

Assign different rates to your inventory so you have quick access to guidelines during invoicing. 

  • Class Settings

Track all of your transactions and income by assigning classes and separating them as you see fit. You can also use this function to track each individual’s sales.

  • Quick and Simple Billing

Save time and hassle with the ability to send statements to all unpaid invoices at the same time.

  • Email Invoices

Email your customers invoices and allow them to click-to-pay to instantly get payment from your customers.

  • AutoPay for Recurring Invoices

In ServiceCore you are able to set up AutoPay within recurring invoices. Each time a new invoice is created from the recurring invoice, the credit card associated with the invoice will automatically be charged for the recurring invoice amount. Once the system does this, a receipt will be created automatically. 

  • Accept Online Payments

Get paid faster by allowing your customers to pay invoices online through ServiceCore. When you accept credit card payments online, you’ll spend less money and less time stuffing envelopes. 

Route Optimization 

Challenge: “Unless I upload all routes into a mapping tool, I don’t know if any of them are overlapping and I am losing time and money.”

There are plenty of business owners in the industry that spend too many hours creating routes for their drivers. On top of this process being stressful and having room for human error, it doesn’t allow the ability to track driver efficiency and profitability. With ServiceCore, you can easily create routes for your drivers that are both efficient and effective. You are also able to see the schedule and edit it from anywhere on any device!

  • Site Geo Locations

Enter the site address or drop a pin on the map to mark the service location. Once you drop a pin, you will get the exact latitude and longitude, making it easier for your drivers to get to the location.

  • Route Optimization & Route Recommendation

Plan your schedules ahead of time and find the fastest daily routes with this tool. Less time on the road means reduced wear on your equipment, improved fuel efficiency, and increased productivity.

  • GPS Tracking

Track the location of your drivers in real time through their smartphone or mobile device. 

Customer Management

Challenge: “When taking down new orders over the phone, I don’t have any specific customer information in front of me.” 

ServiceCore is designed to help you manage your customer base no matter the size. Below are a few of the many features that will help you streamline your customer experience.

  • Customer Relationship Management

Store important customer records with details including address, payment information, payment status, general notes, and much more. We make it easy to deliver excellent customer service.

  • Site Management

Simplify onsite visits with job site records that match your unique needs: septic tank and lid specs, drain field location, notes, and more.

  • Job Creation

Efficiently create, schedule, track, and complete jobs online. Assign customers multiple service locations so you can better manage your bigger clients.

  • Customer Search

Quickly find customers by name, company, address, city, zip, phone, or email making it easy to reference job details.

  • Job Management 

Never miss an upcoming job or unit service by setting reminder notifications with our unique “Repeat Jobs” feature.


Challenge: “Scheduling the routes each week is time consuming and inefficient; not to mention the difficulty in adding in emergency jobs throughout the week.”

With ServiceCore, you can easily schedule your jobs in seconds and the software will automatically find the best day and route for each job so that it gets done on-time every single time!

  • Color Coded Scheduling

Quickly assign the right job to the right technician by dragging and dropping jobs to a driver’s schedule and organizing jobs by territory.

  • Worry Free Scheduling

View driver routes by day or week in order to plan better, more efficient routes. Get printable, stop-by-stop driving directions for an entire route or service location so drivers always stay on track.

  • Site Geo Locations

Enter the site address or drop a pin on the map to mark the service location. Once you drop a pin, you will get the exact latitude and longitude, making it easier for your drivers to get to the location.

  • Bulk Reassign

When a driver or technician is unable to work, you need a simple and quick way to reassign their jobs to another user or reschedule those jobs for another day of the week. Our bulk reassign feature on the schedule makes this easy.

Inventory Management 

Challenge: “I’m not sure how much inventory I have. I usually ask for a report from my yard manager that takes a few weeks and is outdated in a few days.”

Keeping track of your inventory manually can be risky. To avoid the frustration that comes with losing inventory, your software should have:

  • Inventory Tracking
    • Keep better track of your customer inventory and site specific rentals with the inventory map.
    • Know the inventory you own and its condition
    • Know the inventory you have available for rent now so when a customer calls in to place an order you can simply pull up the inventory calendar. This will help you close deals with confidence.
  • Inventory Reports
    • Manage all non-serial and serial inventory online. Use the inventory calendar to keep tabs on which units are in use or available.

Mobile App

Challenge: “Having drivers coordinate with our dispatcher to get new routes for schedule changes or emergency jobs is a headache.”

Imagine how much smoother your business would run if your drivers had an easily accessible mobile app that had capabilities that included:

  • Complete Jobs Instantly

The mobile app allows drivers to complete jobs instantly so that office staff can get a jump on invoicing.

  • Share Notes & Photos

Easily upload and share work notes and photos with the whole team. 

  • Go Paperless

Find all of your job details through your smartphone and tablet. You’ll no longer need to print out paperwork for each job!

  • Work Offline

Access the app offline when there is no internet available. Many job sites don’t have reliable cell service, so it’s important that technicians can still access the dashboard no matter where they are.

  • Track Technicians 

Record the duration of each job and track your technicians throughout the day. This will help business owners better manage their employees.

  • Manage Inventory On the Go

Technicians can add itemized (serialized) items to inventory from the job screen, log the item’s GPS location, and continue the job in the field.

ServiceCore’s features are specifically designed to make your life as easy as possible. With our all in one software solution you are sure to save both time and money! To schedule a time to speak to a ServiceCore team member Click Here.