Employee Spotlight + Onsite Training with Wes

Wes’ Passion for Customer Success

Wes is a part of our Customer Success Onboarding Team, and our customers love him! We sat down with Wes this week to find out what drives his passion for helping our customers. Wes’ industry knowledge began at his previous company where he worked as Operations Manager for a portable toilet business. His level of understanding on the customer side has helped Wes better understand end-user frustrations and provide training with more patience and empathy.

About Onsite Training With Wes:

When Wes heads out to do an onsite training he starts by analyzing the workflow and daily pains within the company. He loves being able to problem solve and help companies streamline their processes. Below is a look at what a typical ServiceCore training with Wes looks like.

  • What size companies do you recommend onsite training for?
    • Wes recommends onsite training for companies that have 15+ trucks to answer questions and get workflows running smoothly. Every company runs their business differently and to have someone on site during the go-live ensures an easier transition.
  • What does a day of onsite training look like?
    • Wes starts by speaking with the owner or manager to get an idea of workflow and who is managing different areas of the business.
    • He also spends time with the employees to provide customized training for the different positions within the company.
      • Wes loves hands-on learning. By having each employee run through practice examples Wes is able to address real world situations with immediate feedback.
  • What does Wes review when he does onsite training?
    • Wes likes to start by giving an overview of the software and walking through basic functionality. 
    • Next is to demonstrate specific features that may be helpful in addressing specific company pinch points.
    • Finally, Wes likes to set up processes to ensure accurate company reporting through ServiceCore. 
  • Do you recommend doing onsite training or virtual training first?
    • Wes recommends doing the onsite training first and virtual training as needed. 
  • What follow up do you do after onsite training?
    • This varies depending on the customer’s needs, but Wes will always follow up a few days after training to see how things are going.
  • Why are we doing more onsite training?
    • Our customers have asked for it and Wes has noticed that companies love the in person help. 


About Wes:

Q: How long have you worked at ServiceCore?

A: I started in 2021, but I worked in the industry prior to starting at ServiceCore which has been very helpful.

Q: What is your role at ServiceCore?

A: I am an implementation/onboarding specialist. I provide our customers with training and insight on our product.

Q: What are your favorite things about your team?

A: Our team is a family. We operate as one and we have each others backs. It is very similar to the experience you get from being a route driver.

Q: Since joining, what improvements have the Customer Success team made to better serve our customers?

A: Some big improvements we have made is more workflow discovery and adaptation. Every company operates a little differently, it is our job to find out those differences and apply how they will work in ServiceCore. This is something that we haven’t always done. Now that we have more industry experts on our team we can accurately find this information and implement it for the customer.

Q: Any pets, kids, other cute things you want to share?

A: I have a 6 year old daughter and Papillon who is 10.

Wes has an undeniable passion for technical product training; for both virtual and onsite. He thrives helping our customers work through problems and providing training on our software. We love having him on our team at ServiceCore. To reach out to our support team click here.