Graffiti on your Porta Potties?

Graffiti on your Porta Potties?

Customer Reporting and Clean Up Made Easy

Unfortunately, as an owner of a portable toilet company, dealing with graffiti comes with the territory. ServiceCore software is designed to make reporting, time-stamping, and taking notes regarding your damaged porta potty easy and simple. Here are a few tips that can help you document vandalism of your porta potties, remove graffiti, and communicate these issues with your customer.

PART 1: Documenting Vandalism

ServiceCore is designed to help your drivers every step of the way. From verifying the service to documenting graffiti, it’s important to give your drivers the reporting tools they need to get the job done right. 

  • Documenting a vandalized unit is the first thing that your driver will want to do upon arrival. Your driver can use the ServiceCore app on their phone or tablet to take pictures of the graffiti before servicing the unit. Once information is entered into the ServiceCore app the team will instantly have access to that information and it will be time stamped for future reference.
    • If the driver is unable to remove the graffiti, or the unit needs to be brought back to the yard, the driver can mark the status as partial service or unable to service
    • If the graffiti can be removed onsite, then your drive can change the status to complete and add in notes
  • Your office staff can use this proof to show the customer and hopefully get reimbursed on the unit. 

PART 2: Preventing or Removing Graffiti

Porta potties are often the target of vandalism at one point or another, especially at festivals, trade shows, or unsupervised work sites. Finding that a portable toilet has been vandalized is upsetting. There are not many prevention techniques other than trying to place your units under overhead lights or in an area that is locked or secure at night time. 

Can the graffiti be removed? In many cases, the graffiti can be removed from the damaged porta potty. Let’s go through the steps you need to take to remove graffiti from your portable toilet.  Always remember to have your driver’s document the graffiti before and after attempting to remove it in the ServiceCore software!

Option 1:  Graffiti Remover

Graffiti sprays usually come in a liquid or aerosol spray that can be easily applied to the affected area. A graffiti remover that works great is BANISH Graffiti Remover from Walex. BANISH Graffiti Remover is effective for: markers, paint, pen, grease, tar, crayon, dirt, and calcium build-up.

  • Apply the graffiti remover according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 


Option 2: Applying Sand or an Abrasive Substance

  • Pour the graffiti removing liquid into a bucket, then add pumice powder or sand to the liquid.
  • Dip an abrasive cleaning tool into the mixture, such as a scrub brush, and then scrub the affected area to begin removing the graffiti.
  • Next, rinse or spray off the unit with clean water.
  • Repeat this process as necessary to completely remove the graffiti.

PART 3: Communicating Damages to your Customers

When your team notices that there is a graffitied or damaged unit on a site, it is important to be able to document this issue right away. Not only do you need to keep records of the condition of your portable toilets upon delivery, but you also need to be able to quickly and professionally verify any issues that your driver may notice once they are ready to pick up the unit from your customers. Emailing your customers with pictures and notes are essential. 

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