Software Billing Best Practices for Your Waste Company

Finding a software that aligns with your portable toilet, dumpster, or septic business goals can be difficult and intimidating. ServiceCore Software’s mission is to save your company time while increasing revenue. 

One way ServiceCore does this is by streamlining billing processes and creating features that minimize effort and maximize profit. Below is some of the functionality that billing through ServiceCore offers customers.

1. Cloud-based Software

A cloud-based technology like ServiceCore provides:

  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Loss Prevention
  • Automatic Software Updates
  • Instant Office Communication

2. Reduce Invoice Errors

ServiceCore allows customers to send and receive invoices electronically. This feature helps to reduce errors within your office by removing unnecessary steps in your invoicing process. By sending invoices electronically you also eliminate the hassle of printing paper copies every time an invoice is sent, received or needs to be created.

3. Recurring Billing

Software should allow you to automate your billing with a recurring invoice. Choose a billing type (advance or arrears), a frequency, start date, and ServiceCore will take care of the rest.

4. Bulk Billing

The bulk billing feature is another time saving feature for your in-office staff. Your staff will be able to send out hundreds of invoices within minutes. Click here to check out how easy it is to do bulk billing in ServiceCore!

5. Invoicing Options

A basic but important feature is the ability to choose how you want to generate your invoices.

ServiceCore offers an automated payment option where customers can choose how and when they would like to pay their recurring bills. Setting up automatic payment will also send the customer an email receipt of the invoice paid.
ServiceCore also offers the option to print invoices if your customer needs a paper copy.

6. 28 Day Billing Cycle

Your software should be customizable to support different billing periods so that you can choose a time interval that works for your company. The best practice for the industry is the 28 day billing cycle, because it includes 13 billing cycles every year, rather than 12 which is used for standard monthly billing cycles.

7. Audit Reports

Software should offer comprehensive reporting and billing features that allow you to track all your financial information in one place. You should be able to view the details of each invoice, historical trends in real-time, and generate invoicing and payment review reports.

8. Overview of Transactions

You will need a tool to help you keep track of your units. ServiceCore’s inventory management software helps to keep track of all incoming and outgoing units so that you always know what’s happening on the front lines and allows you to forecast future revenue. ServiceCore also offers a great overview report that allows you to check historical financial data such as: profits over time, gross profit margins, average spend per customer, and more.

9. Integration for Billing

ServiceCore is currently integrated with QuickBooks to help with seamless billing and cut down double data entry.
ServiceCore is also integrated with Clover Connect to bring you low rates and secure processing.

10. Custom Branding

ServiceCore allows you to brand your invoice. You can upload your logo, colors, and font sizes to get the look that works best with your company’s branding.

11. Easy-To-Use Interface

The software’s easy-to-use interface makes invoice generation simple. You are able to create invoices in no time. If you have questions, ServiceCore offers amazing training articles, how-to videos, and a robust customer service team to help you navigate the software.

12. Browse Past Invoices

Another fantastic feature that ServiceCore has developed is the ability to view a list of previous invoices and their statuses right on the dashboard in real-time. It comes in handy when you want to see due invoices and if any past-due bills need further action.

13. Gross Profit Ratio

Software should allow you to take a look at your daily gross profit margins by running reports on different days of the week. This provides a great way to monitor your performance and determine if certain days typically have a low or high-profit margin.

14. Peer-To-Peer Communication

The software provides a 100% cloud-based platform. This means that anyone at your company can see photos, notes, and job status updates in real-time.

ServiceCore is a well rounded software designed with the customer in mind. Our billing functionality is a great way to get your finances in order. Tracking every transaction your company makes allows you to better understand your business and optimize your performance. To find out what else ServiceCore has to offer Click Here!