ServiceCore Site Visit with A Colorado Portable Toilet Company

The ServiceCore team had an opportunity to spend time with a customer who runs their business in Colorado. We wanted to share their story of how their business is currently operating versus how ServiceCore is going to make their lives easier. 

Some challenges they face are due to the large remote area of Colorado they reside in. Being located in the mountains means further jobs, weather hazards, internet issues and at times, obstacles for hiring employees. A few members from ServiceCore visited this business to get hands-on knowledge of their daily workflows to figure out how best to serve them through ServiceCore’s platform. At ServiceCore, we want our customers’ lives to run more smoothly so with this in mind — here’s a typical day for them:

What is a dilemma they face in the waste industry currently? 

They are currently working on overcoming employment obstacles due to the remote location and some other factors. Finding technicians that are in search of a long term position and that are reliable has proved to be quite the challenge. Not to mention the difficulties that rising housing prices have created for employees, especially in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado. Another factor that plays a role is the winter weather in Colorado. The snowy and icy conditions create a diverse and sometimes unpredictable schedule for technicians so it is important they have a flexible system to prepare for these situations.

ServiceCore plans to help this business’s team ensure their drivers have training on our easy-to-use app to make their lives easier. One way the app can make drivers’ lives easier is by having the ability to quickly snap a photo of any problems they may run into at job sites so they don’t have to worry about themselves getting blamed. Another way the app will help drivers is by having easy access to routes and any changes that may be made throughout the day without having to stress about adding the job or directions to their route manually.

How are they currently creating routes and schedules for their drivers?

Currently, the office staff is creating routes by using excel, google maps, and a whiteboard to assign drivers to jobs. They have a  so keeping a consistent schedule each week where drivers will be deployed is important to them to ensure they are covering all jobs. Their routes are created by using google maps and printing out a route packet for each driver. All technicians try to service in the same towns each day so that they can help each other if they complete their routes early. One challenge they run into is being unable to find exact addresses in google maps for jobs sites such as a new unmarked construction site.


(Photo of the whiteboard the staff is currently using to organize pickup jobs before implementing ServiceCore)

ServiceCore plans to integrate their routes into our software to maximize them and cut their fuel costs, time spent making changes and help reduce wear on equipment. Staff will no longer be spending valuable time creating routes manually or having to print them all out each week and waste materials. Plus, when a driver is done early, they can easily and quickly be reassigned to new jobs and see them right there in the mobile app. These routing features will save hours for the office staff so the focus can be on expanding their customer base and growing the business.

How are they currently doing accounting & invoicing?

All of the accounting and invoicing for the business is done through Quickbooks Desktop and by pen & paper. Invoicing is a multiple step process for the office staff. First, they receive a phone call from the customer, write down who is calling in their book, collect payment using their credit card processing system, and then record the payment in Quickbooks. 

While the team has an organized method that works for them, keeping track of your business on paper can be very time consuming and risky. ServiceCore will have all of the company’s customer data imported and stored in the cloud based system so invoices can easily be created and assigned. Rather than having to use time on the phones, the staff will be able to easily send the customers invoice via email allowing the customer to access their invoices at any time of day online. This is a huge plus for the company’s customer service and will allow them to get paid faster. Another benefit they will be able to take advantage of is the recurring billing option inside ServiceCore for their repeat customers so they can cut back hours of time billing and have automatic invoices ready to go.

How is their inventory tracked? 

As of now, all of their inventory is tracked in an excel spreadsheet and is updated manually. Many of the jobs that portable toilets are assigned to are longer term locations like construction sites. Growth is in the plan for this company so ServiceCore recommends barcoding units so they never have to worry about losing track of them. ServiceCore’s inventory management feature will allow the staff to know exactly where a unit is, what condition the unit is in and what units are available for jobs via the inventory calendar.

How do their drivers communicate about jobs throughout the day?

When drivers run into issues such as a job being unable to complete due to weather, being inaccessible or other factors, the drivers call into the office and then the office will notify the customer of the situation. This can lead to long delays in services, at no fault of their own. 

In ServiceCore’s mobile app, the drivers will now be able to snap a photo of the situation, put any notes in and submit, and the customer and the office staff will be notified of the issue immediately so that it can be fixed as soon as possible. The drivers will now have a method to take photos and notes about jobs in the app, their communication with customers will improve and they will also have a better way to track any damage or issues that may come up in the future. Oftentimes the lack of internet is the reason why communicating throughout the day is challenging but with ServiceCore’s offline mode, this will no longer be a worry for them. 

ServiceCore is so excited for this journey with this business and to watch their company continue to grow and thrive. If this is anything like a day in the life of your liquid waste or roll off business and you would like to see how ServiceCore can help you grow your business, click here to chat with a team member.