Customer Success Story: Approved Toilet Rentals Data Cleanup With ServiceCore


Approved Toilet Rentals is a family-owned & operated business in Pittsburgh, PA. They strive to provide the best portable toilet rentals throughout the Pittsburgh area and to provide the highest quality of customer service. When the ServiceCore team met the Approved Toilet Rentals, their company was struggling to keep data & inventory organized which at times, affected their ability to provide the highest quality of customer service that they wanted. We sat down with ATR’s Vice President of Sales to find out what they were dealing with before making the switch and what ServiceCore’s software has been able to do for their business.

Challenges Before ServiceCore

Before implementing ServiceCore, Approved Toilet Rentals (ATR) had no methods in place for tracking inventory. Due to the multiple company acquisitions, ATR’s inventory became even more unorganized and difficult to manage. A majority of the work day was spent trying to get their inventory in check thus taking away from growing the business. For example, Sales and Operations roles were having to focus much of their time on problems with data & inventory rather than being able to make more sales and get more jobs done.
In addition, putting in new orders was a time-consuming and difficult task for the Approved Toilet Rentals Sales team due to their outdated software. They were lacking the flexibility to be able to quickly create a new job from anywhere at any time. Some other things ATR’s previous software was missing were features like tracking & optimizing profitability with their routes.


Inventory Management 

ServiceCore offers in-depth & easy use inventory tracking features so you will never lose track of a unit. Approved Toilet Rentals utilized this feature to organize all of their inventory and save money by preventing the loss of units.

All of their inventory is tracked in real-time which has helped ATR become more efficient when creating new jobs as they can quickly look and see what & how many units are available at any given time.

“At first when I came to Approved there was a lot of putting out fires. A lot of time was being dedicated and resources were being dedicated to data entry. To the mundane. Because of ServiceCore streamlining a lot of our processes, we have been able to get away from that.”

Time Efficiency

Another feature that ServiceCore has is a time-efficient & user-friendly process for creating jobs which has allowed the Approved Toilet Rental sales team to be able to process an order in under 4 minutes from start to finish.

“Now that we have all this extra time my sales team and I have been able to dedicate our resources and time to what we should have been doing all long. Which is sales. Which has led to amazing things.”

Accounting & Invoicing

ServiceCore is Quickbooks compatible & offers easy-to-use accounting & invoicing features which has streamlined ATR’s monetary processes and in turn, saved them time. In addition, ATR’s customers are able to easily access their invoices & billing without having to jump through hurdles.

“The invoicing is efficient. The recurring model that our accounting team uses is easy to use. The customer response has been the most surprising. They love how easy it is to read and really love the online pay portal. They can do it on their own time whenever they want to and they don’t have to call in during business hours”

Higher Quality Customer Service

Approved Toilet Rentals is now able to provide a higher quality of customer service by being able to quickly solve problems with ServiceCore’s Customer Relationship Management features.

“We can just quickly find the unit, quickly find the site, solve the customers’ problem and resolve it.”

Route Optimization

ServiceCore’s route optimization & scheduling features have helped Approved Toilet Rentals increase their profitability by finding the best routes for drivers for them to reduce wear on equipment, improve fuel efficiency, and save time and money.

“We have been working closely with ServiceCore to improve our routing and it has led to increased profitability. We are able to track our profitability with our routes and see the improvement over time. Which has been amazing! We weren’t able to do that with our previous software.” 

If you are ready to see how ServiceCore can help your portable toilet business Get More Done and Stress Less, click here.