3 Important Tips To Hold Your Porta Potty Customers Accountable

In the world of portable restroom rental businesses, ensuring customer satisfaction is really important. But what happens when issues arise on the job site, preventing drivers from servicing the units as needed? In these situations, it becomes important for businesses to hold their customers accountable. But how exactly can you achieve this?

Imagine this scenario: a driver pulls up to a job site, ready to service a unit, only to find it tipped over, blocked by a vehicle, or defaced with graffiti. If the driver simply moves on without addressing the problem, by the end of the day, your business will take the blame. The customer might think you didn’t provide the service, which could tarnish your reputation and potentially cost you future business.

Photographic Evidence (Tip 1)

Photographic evidence has become a powerful tool in holding customers accountable. By taking pictures, drivers can:

  • Document Issues Promptly: Whether it’s a blocked gate, a car obstructing the porta potty, the unit being moved from its original position, or being vandalized with graffiti, a photo captures it all.
  • Provide Real-time Feedback: Instead of waiting till the end of the day, photos allow immediate communication with customers. This helps in informing both the dispatcher and the customer about issues that prevented service, thus preventing any misunderstandings or misconceptions.
  • Show Proof of Service: In instances where a unit cannot be serviced, a time-stamped photo serves as proof that the driver did visit the site, and that it was the prevailing conditions that prevented them from carrying out their job.

Use Technology (Tip 2)

While using smartphones or tablets is a good starting point, the efficiency in this process can be further enhanced with dedicated software. For instance, platforms like ServiceCore have revolutionized the way these businesses operate. Click here to learn more about ServiceCore. With such programs:

  • Drivers can easily take photos and attach them directly to service orders.
  • The process becomes streamlined, ensuring that drivers spend minimal time documenting issues and more time doing what they do best – servicing units.
  • It offers a centralized way for dispatchers and managers to view, manage, and address issues as they arise.

Be Transparent With Your Customers (Tip 3)

By holding customers accountable, you’re not merely pointing fingers or assigning blame. Instead, you’re fostering a transparent relationship based on trust and clarity. When customers are informed about issues promptly and provided with evidence, they are more likely to understand and cooperate. This, in turn, leads to better customer relations and a stronger reputation for your business.


Why is it important to hold porta potty customers accountable?

Holding customers accountable ensures that there’s transparency in service delivery. It prevents misunderstandings, protects the business’s reputation, and fosters a strong relationship between the service provider and the customer.

Can’t the drivers simply inform the dispatchers verbally about the issues?

While verbal communication is possible, photos provide clear, undeniable evidence of the situation. This helps in effectively communicating the issue to the customer and serves as a record for future reference.

Is using a specialized program like ServiceCore mandatory?

No, it’s not mandatory. However, such platforms make the process more streamlined and efficient. They provide added features and centralization, making it easier for businesses to manage issues and communicate with customers. Plus if you’re using ServiceCore, your drivers will love it because it’s so easy to use!

This video shows what drivers think about ServiceCore

What if the customer still blames the business despite the photographic evidence?

While this might happen in rare cases, having time-stamped photos as proof will always be in the business’s favor. It shows professionalism, commitment, and a proactive approach, which most reasonable customers will appreciate.

By adopting these methods and utilizing the power of technology, portable sanitation businesses can ensure top-notch service delivery, satisfied customers, and a stellar reputation in the industry.

About the Author: Liam Sabot

Liam is an author of over 70 articles about portable toilet rental, septic pumping, and dumpster business management. He is dedicated to providing important information to help sanitation businesses succeed.
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