Customers Feel The Difference When Portable Sanitation Business Starts Using ServiceCore

Customers Feel The Difference When Portable Sanitation Business Starts Using ServiceCore

Danielle Jacobs is the Controller at Ace Diversified Services (Ace), a thriving portable sanitation business in Holland, OH that was founded in 1965. In recent years, Ace’s growth was limited because their processes hadn’t been updated in years and wasn’t built specifically for portable sanitation businesses. “We used to build routes with color-coded pushpins on a giant map,” said Danielle. “Everything we did required manual steps and lots and lots of paperwork.”

With all that paperwork, managing customers was difficult, and mistakes happened. Invoicing their customers took hours (more paper) and driver communication was limited. “We wouldn’t know if a driver had an issue like a locked gate until they got back into the office,” said Danielle. “And that was frustrating.” That’s when fellow operator and friend, All American Portable Toilets, told them to take a look at ServiceCore.


  • Managing customers & jobs
  • They were drowning in paper
  • Making changes to routes
  • Getting feedback from drivers in realtime
  • Their previous software was hard to use

Making the switch to ServiceCore

When Ace decided to switch to ServiceCore, they were concerned about transferring their customer information. With the help of ServiceCore’s onboarding team (who are former operators), “everything went just fine,” said Danielle. “ServiceCore was with us every step of the way, and I was able to get all of our customer data organized in a way that made sense for our business.” 

Everything you need. In one place. On one screen.

One of the major benefits that Ace noticed about ServiceCore was that all of their customer information was at their fingertips. They didn’t need to physically search through hundreds of printed documents to find customer or job info. “ServiceCore helps us get more done and provide better customer service,” said Danielle. Speaking of customer service, now that Ace’s drivers use ServiceCore’s mobile app, they can resolve issues like locked gates quickly or show the customer (with a picture) why they couldn’t service a unit. And their customers have felt the difference.

Goodbye pushpins, hello cost savings.

When Ace started using ServiceCore to optimize their routes and manage drivers’ schedules, they started saving money on fuel and overtime pay because “nobody’s backtracking or ping-ponging around town like we used to,” said Danielle. With just a click, we can add a job to a driver’s route or move the job to another driver’s route.

And ServiceCore makes it easy to manage Ace’s inventory. They used to spend a lot of time counting their units. Now they can see all of their inventory in ServiceCore—both in the yard or out on a job site.

Billing goes from hours to minutes. And they get paid faster.

When Ace was using their previous software, invoicing their customers took hours because it was not connected to Quickbooks. They printed every invoice, stuffed envelopes, and mailed them to their customers. Once they got paid, they manually recorded the payment in their previous software and Quickbooks. Now with ServiceCore, invoicing their customers takes minutes. Ace can send hundreds of invoices with the click of a button, and they “love that their customers can pay their bill online. And we get paid faster and have less AR outstanding,” said Danielle.

Helpful people that understand your business

Something else Ace loves about ServiceCore is the people. “Your customer support folks are extremely responsive, and everyone is so helpful,” said Danielle. “I can talk to a real person right away, and they help me quickly. They also listen to my ideas. I love it when something I’ve suggested shows up in the tool.” 

When asked what she’d tell another operator who was considering ServiceCore, Danielle said, “efficiency and excellence are two of our company’s core values. ServiceCore has helped us excel at those core values, and our customers have noticed.”

Benefits of using ServiceCore

  • Billing customers is simple
  • They can do it all from one system
  • Their customers have a better experience
  • Routing with ServiceCore saves time & money
  • They get the support they need

Are you looking to implement a new software solution? Chat with the ServiceCore team today to see how we can help your waste business get more done & stress less.

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