Creative Names For Portable Toilet Businesses

How many business names do you see per day? Probably so many that you couldn’t keep count. That’s why having a business name that stands out is so important. You don’t want to be forgotten. Your business name will be your operations identity so it’s important to keep that top of mind. You will create a logo based on the name you choose so it’s vital that you are showing your customers what your business is all about. When potential customers see or hear your business name, they will instantly begin to form opinions about your brand. Giving your company a generic name is a missed chance at making your operation stand out from the rest. In fact, some clients may pick you solely based on the feeling they get when they read your name. 

How To Choose The Right Name For Your Portable Restroom Business:

Make sure the name is available

  • You will need a website for your brand so making sure that the name you choose has a domain available is important. You also will need to make sure that the name you choose is legally allowed to be used (there is no trademark). 

You don’t have to have a certain word in your name for it to be an effective name

  • Many people think that if they rent portable restrooms, they have to put words like “portables”, “Portable Rental”, “Portable Services”, etc. That’s not the case. In this industry, some of the most memorable Sanitation businesses have the strangest names. Whatever you want your business to stand for is how your name will be reflected. Use made-up words and make it fun!

Let your entire team have a say

  • Gather as much feedback as you can from your portable restroom team so you can make sure the name resonates with everyone. They might even have the perfect idea to improve it. 

Think about who your customer is

  • What name will resonate with them? Figuring out a business name that is attractive to your customer base is the most important as you need to attract them to use your services. 

What To Avoid When Naming Your Portable Restroom Business:

  • Too lengthy of a name: You will use this name in your logo, website, social media, and more. You don’t want it to be so long that it can’t fit on these platforms and be too difficult for customers to type out. The rule of thumb is to keep your name to 1-2 words.
  • Limiting the growth of your business: If you think you will want to expand your business to offer dumpster rentals or septic pumping or anything else, don’t name your business something that will limit you in the future. Dream big but don’t pressure yourself into planning out the nitty gritty of your future growth.
  • Being generic: as mentioned before, you don’t want to be forgotten because your business name is too bland. The name you choose is the first thing a customer will hear and resonate with. Make sure it gives you the identity you want.
  • Naming your business close to competitors: Being easily identifiable is important. You don’t want customers being confused by your competition’s business and deciding to go with them over you because they didn’t know better.
  • Unrelatable names: You want to attract the exact clients you need so be sure to pick a name that doesn’t mislead customers and draw in the wrong ones. Keep it related to the industry you are in and who you serve.

Let’s dive into some of the best names & most memorable we have seen in this industry:

Catchy Portable Restroom Business Names – Lots of portable sanitation businesses like to go this route when naming their operation. There’s a good reason behind this. Having a catchy name that rhymes or has alliteration (starting words with the same letter), makes it much easier for people to remember such as:

  • Scotties Potties 
  • Purple Potties
  • Jones Thrones
  • Pink Portables
  • Premier Portables
  • Clean Can 
  • Stankin Rankin
  • Jones Jons
  • Peachy Potties
  • Luxury Loo’s
  • Rainbow Rentals

Funny Portable Restroom Business Names – Naming your operation something funny has more to offer than just making people laugh. It can even make you more approachable while giving you character and making you memorable. Some of the funniest names we have seen are: 

  • Doodie Calls
  • Urapeein Porta Pot
  • PeePalace
  • Pot-O-Gold
  • Floater’s Portables 
  • 2 Pees in a Pot
  • Turd Toters
  • Dirty Mike’s Potties
  • The Plush Flush
  • Pee Pot Portables

All of the above names are already in use by other portable restroom businesses. Always make sure the name you choose is not already taken & is not trademarked. We suggest coming up with a backup name just in case your name is denied during the registration process. 

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