Getting More Reviews with Docket ReviewGuard

What is ReviewGuard?

In the competitive landscape of the dumpster rental industry, online reviews can significantly impact your reputation, brand, and overall success. Understanding this, Docket introduced ReviewGuard, an innovative service designed to amplify positive customer feedback while smartly managing less favorable reviews. ReviewGuard is a crucial tool for any business that values its online presence and seeks to maintain a strong, positive image in the digital world.

How ReviewGuard Works

ReviewGuard effectively manages customer reviews for your business by:

  • Collecting Customer Feedback: After service completion, customers rate their experience via the Docket customer portal.
  • Directing Reviews: Positive reviews (based on a set threshold) are guided to public platforms like Google or Facebook, while lower ratings are directed to internal feedback.
  • Handling Negative Feedback Internally: Lower ratings result in asking customers for feedback, allowing direct engagement with customers to address and resolve their concerns.
  • Protecting Online Reputation: This approach helps shield your business from potential negative public reviews, maintaining a positive online presence.

This video shows how ReviewGuard works.

How to Set Up ReviewGuard

Implementing ReviewGuard in your Docket system is a straightforward process. Here’s how to set it up for maximum effectiveness:

Access Notification Settings

  • In Docket, go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Notifications’.
  • Search for ‘Review’ to find ReviewGuard-related options.

Configure Review Requests

  • Open relevant notifications like ‘dumpster task notifications’.
  • Ensure they include the client review URL managed by ReviewGuard.
  • Replace direct links to review sites with the client review URL.

Expand to Other Notifications

  • Add the client review URL to other customer-facing notifications (e.g., rental task notifications, job notifications).
  • This broadens the scope of gathering reviews through various customer interactions.

Set Up Marketing Settings

  • Under ‘Settings’, go to ‘Company’, and view ‘Marketing Settings’.
  • Input the direct links to your review platforms (Google, Facebook, etc.).

Adjust ReviewGuard Settings

  • In Marketing Settings, find the ReviewGuard section.
  • Set the review threshold. Ratings below this threshold will be directed to internal feedback instead of public review sites.
  • If using multiple review platforms, select the auto-pick option for ReviewGuard to automatically choose a platform for positive reviews.

This video shows how to set up ReviewGuard on your Docket account.

By following these steps, ReviewGuard will be configured to channel customer feedback effectively, ensuring that positive reviews are publicly shared while offering a system to address and learn from any negative feedback privately. This setup not only enhances your online reputation but also provides valuable insights into customer experiences, allowing continuous improvement in service quality.

Liam Sabot