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Portable Sanitation Business Outgrows Their Software & Makes The Switch To ServiceCore

Brianna Cecere-Bono is the Office Manager at Flush, a rapidly growing portable sanitation business that serves the greater Boston area. As Flush grew, they had a hard time managing customers and jobs, and it put a big strain on their previous system.

“It was a disaster,” said Brianna. “Managing customers, building routes, tracking inventory, and sending invoices required a lot of steps and paper.” Their business was not running efficiently, and it was limiting their growth. That’s when they decided to look at ServiceCore.


  • Managing customers & jobs
  • Billing mistakes
  • Planning routes
  • Getting feedback from drivers
  • Growth was limited by old software

Flush Was Nervous About Making The Switch To ServiceCore Software

When Flush decided to switch to ServiceCore, they were nervous because they had a bad experience with their previous software. “There’s a lot that could go wrong,” said Brianna. “Because the onboarding team at ServiceCore is made up of former operators that know our industry and how things should work, it made the process so much better.”

Once they were up and running with ServiceCore, managing customers and jobs was easier because everything each department needed was at their fingertips. “Entering a customer used to take 5 steps in our last software, compared to 1 in ServiceCore,” said Brianna. “Everything is simpler, and you have all the information you need with just the click of a button.”

Goodbye Billing Mistakes & Papercuts, Hello Time Savings

Before ServiceCore, Flush had several challenges billing their customers. To start, they used to print out all of their invoices, stuff them into envelopes, and mail them to their customers. Sending hundreds of invoices took them a full day. With ServiceCore, they send all of their invoices digitally in minutes, and they get paid faster.

Another challenge Flush experienced before ServiceCore was charging customers the right amount. Like many portable toilet businesses, Flush has special pricing for their larger customers. ServiceCore’s Price Books allows them to charge the right amount every time with just one click. “We’re no longer flipping through printed pages to see what to charge for each site,” said Brianna.

Routing Isn’t A Headache & Drivers Can Instantly Communicate Issues to Dispatch

Like many portable restroom businesses, Flush used to print out route sheets, and mistakes happened. With their old software, “building routes was disorganized and things were all over the place,” said Brianna. That changed when they switched to ServiceCore. “Now routes are a lot easier to manage, and we love how easy it is for our drivers to use the ServiceCore mobile app.” With ServiceCore, drivers can instantly communicate with dispatch if there was a missed stop or a locked gate. “And that helps us provide better customer service.”

ServiceCore’s Support Team Is “Always There For Us”

Before making the switch to ServiceCore, Flush said that the support they got from their old system was subpar. Due to ServiceCore’s large support team, Flush can speak to a human that knows their business (because they come from the industry), “and we definitely didn’t have that before,” said Brianna. “We ask for something and you guys always deliver. You make things so much simpler for us.”

You Get What You Pay For

ServiceCore isn’t the least expensive solution. “We used to pay less for the other software, but we got a lot less,” said Brianna. Like many ServiceCore customers, the savings Flush sees in time and money makes “ServiceCore worth every penny. If someone is shopping around for software, I’d say go with ServiceCore because you won’t find anything better.”

Flush’s Benefits Of Using ServiceCore

  • ServiceCore is easy to use
  • They save time & money
  • Managing customers is simple
  • They have less mistakes
  • Better customer service
  • They feel supported by ServiceCore

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About the Author: Karsen

Karsen is a Marketing Specialist at ServiceCore. When she's not creating & sharing content for our community of Portable Sanitation & Dumpster Rental Operators, she loves hiking, snowboarding, concerts, & adventuring with her dog!
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