How Doodie Calls Used Software to Skyrocket Productivity and Business Growth

Kyle Simmons is the President of Doodie Calls, a fast-growing portable restroom business with services extending across the face of Florida. As the company grew, Kyle encountered a number of issues, including inefficient operations, billing errors, and missteps.

“We had one massive Excel spreadsheet that kept track of everything for us”, Kyle explained. From this spreadsheet, their team invoiced clients in Quickbooks, managed inventory, and kept track of customers. But there came a point when Kyle realized, “We needed a better way to manage everything.”

He eventually reached out to two companies, ServiceCore, and an alternative software solution.  


  • Manually billing customers 
  • Inefficient operations
  • Repetitive tasks stacking up
  • Duplicate entries and billing mistakes 
  • Previous software didn’t meet their expectations


After trying out an alternative software, Kyle said that “It was a huge disappointment and failure.”  It had taken them a month to input all their data into the program – only for it to not work at all. Kyle’s experience with ServiceCore on the other hand was a complete 360: “With ServiceCore, it is very easy to train the office staff and drivers.” 

More Efficient as an Organization 

After switching to ServiceCore, Doodie Calls now has fewer manual, repetitive tasks: “The automated system of ServiceCore just allows us to be a lot more efficient.” One of the features that Kyle admires most is automating daily reconciliations: “We don’t have to go through the emails and the daily reconciliation like we used to which helps us be more efficient from all angles.”

Less Mistakes, Less Wasted Payroll

Doodie Call’s workflow is now much more efficient after switching to ServiceCore. Kyle has seen a significant decrease in duplicate entries and simple mistakes. In his own words, he says: “Everyone doesn’t have to do things twice. Before they would have to circle and color what they completed and what they didn’t. Then email it in… Now it’s a simple process of clicking a few buttons”, Kyle explains.

Doodie Calls Favorite Feature: Batch Billing 

Kyle was amazed at how drastically the “batch-billing” feature has saved him time. Previously, using QuickBooks, he would spend hours every month manually invoicing all of his accounts. Now, “with just a few clicks”, Kyle is able to send out invoices to all of his accounts in minutes each day.

Reaching New Levels of Business Success

With ServiceCore, Doodie Calls was able to scale from a 10-man operation to now employing over 70 technicians and operators. “We couldn’t sustain the way we did things back then.” Kyle said “It wouldn’t be possible” if they continued using pen & paper the way they were.

Benefits of Using ServiceCore

  • Improved staff efficiency & accuracy
  • Automated billing & daily tasks
  • More time for real priorities
  • Reduced errors, saving time & money

What Would You Tell Other Operators Considering ServiceCore?

Kyle recommends ServiceCore to other operators in the field: “It’s the best one that I’ve seen out there so far.” Kyle continued to talk about how easy ServiceCore is to use: “It was definitely worth the jump. We’re very happy with ServiceCore.”

Happy Customers Since 2021 

Since 2021, we’ve greatly enjoyed working with Doodie Calls and seeing their business become extremely efficient growing from a small operation to one of the biggest portable restroom operations in Florida!  

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