How ServiceCore Launched This Company to New Heights

In the portable toilet rental industry, running a business smoothly is key. Area Portable Services, based in Rancho Cordova, California, faced challenges common to many in this field. They struggled with accurately billing their customers, and their routes were difficult to adjust. When they switched to ServiceCore, positive changes happened quickly. We sat down with their team who keep the business running from the office to the operations.

The Roadblocks Before ServiceCore

Before adopting ServiceCore, Area Portable Services faced several challenges. Their issues not only slowed down their operations but also affected their productivity and customer satisfaction:

  • Time-Consuming Billing Processes: The team had to recreate invoices for even minor edits, which made the invoicing process take longer than it should.
  • Difficulties Changing Routes: With their previous routing system, the process of changing routes for drivers was hard and often led to problems. “Just to make any changes, it was difficult and time-consuming and it would have a lot of glitches.”
  • Inefficiencies in Order Entry: The process of entering orders was labor-intensive and error-prone, often requiring extra effort.
  • Missing Features in Previous Software: The previous software used by Area Portable Services lacked essential features like integrated routing and inventory management, leading to reliance on multiple systems.

It was clear that a change was necessary, a solution that could streamline their processes and support the dynamic needs of their growing business. This led them to consider ServiceCore.

How ServiceCore Launched This Company to New Heights

The Path to Progress: Why Area Portable Services Chose ServiceCore

Area Portable Services began the journey to find a new software solution. Their goal was clear: to find a system that would make their work easier and more efficient. Here’s how they made the decision to switch to ServiceCore:

  • Searching for the Right Fit: The team spent time looking at different software options. They wanted something that could handle all their needs – from routing and billing to order entry and inventory.
  • Choosing ServiceCore Over Others: ServiceCore stood out because it offered everything in one solution. According to the team, “ServiceCore had the whole package as far as the routing, as far as the billing, order entry, inventory, and mobile apps.”
  • On-Site Implementation and Training: A major reason that Area Portable Services chose ServiceCore was due to the fact that ServiceCore sends former operators to your business to help train the staff and make everyone feel comfortable with the transition. This hands-on approach, led by people that understood their business, helped them quickly adapt to the new system and fully utilize its features.

ServiceCore in Action at Area Portable Services

After switching to ServiceCore, Area Portable Services experienced significant improvements in their operations. The positive effects of this change were noticeable across different aspects of their business:

  • Streamlined Billing and Invoicing: With ServiceCore, billing became quicker and more flexible. The team could easily edit invoices and process them faster, saving valuable time every day.
  • Adjusting Routes Was Easy: The routing system in ServiceCore optimized driver routes and made it easier to adjust them, making their operation more flexible.
  • Improved Order Entry Process: Because ServiceCore is easy to use, order entry was fast and accurate.

The adoption of ServiceCore marked a significant turning point for Area Portable Services, showing how the right tool can improve all operations in the portable toilet rental industry.

How ServiceCore Launched This Company to New Heights

How ServiceCore Can Make a Difference

By using ServiceCore, Area Portable Services made their work more productive and less time-consuming. To other operators considering software, they offered this advice, “If you wanna save time and headaches, ServiceCore is simple and easy to use.”

Liam Sabot