Important Features For Your Waste Businesses Website

Having a website is vital for waste businesses to grow. If you don’t already have one, you need one asap! (ServiceCore’s digital marketing experts can build your website for you.) If you do already have a website and are looking for ways to improve it, props to you for working on your business. Here are some important features that your website should have to bring in more customers:

Have a mobile-friendly website

Mobile devices have now overtaken desktops as the most common way to access information on websites and this means you need your site to be designed to work on all devices if you want to engage users comfortably while they’re browsing from their phones or tablet. 59.5% of website traffic comes from people on mobile devices. This is a huge percentage of potential customers that you could be losing out on if your website isn’t mobile-friendly. Google will not show your business’s website in search results if it is not designed to work on mobile devices. But, how can you check if your website is mobile-friendly or not? Well, grab your cell phone and type in your web address. 

A website that is not mobile-friendly will: 

  • Require you to zoom in and out to see the information on the site
  • Have text that looks super tiny or large and may not fit on the screen
  • Have hard-to-see images
  • May have a messy layout and be difficult to navigate

A website that is mobile-friendly will: 

  • Be very easy to read
  • Look aesthetically pleasing (no words running off the page)
  • Have a simple navigation menu aka a hamburger menu (3 horizontal lines)
  • Be very simple to navigate 
  • Have links and buttons that are easy to see and click oN

The image below is an example of how the ServiceCore website changes to a mobile-friendly view on a cell phone. 

Another way that you can test how your website looks on different devices is to right-click on your website on a desktop and click “inspect”. On the top left corner of the screen, click on “dimensions” and select the device you want to view your website on.

Make sure your images are great

Having quality images on your website might sound like a no-brainer but here is why it’s so important. 

  1. Your website will get more views AND your visitors will stay on your page longer if you have good images. People love to look at pictures so having appealing photos of your operation can be great for attracting new customers. Have a photographer come out and take professional images of your clean units or ask for some of your customers to take pictures of your units at their job site. 
  2. Images can trigger emotions in people. If you have no images at all, you miss the opportunity to showcase your business. If you have super blurry and poor-quality images, you might make someone feel negative about your business. However; having professional-quality photos of your services can make or break someone’s decision to use you. Potential customers will be able to visualize what your unit will look like at their job and you can showcase your customer service with clean and quality units. 
  3. You can improve your website’s SEO with your image captions. As long as you include keywords and the description of the photo, your content can show up on web and image searches online.  

What kind of photos are the right photos to use on your waste businesses’ websites? Here are some ideas:

  • Customers interacting with your drivers
  • Your (cleaned) units at job sites 
  • Your employees together
  • All the products you offer (handwashing stations, dumpsters, luxury restrooms, etc.)
  • Images that support your brand – what feeling do you want to give your customers? 

Blog page

We know, blogging sounds like it might be out of style but actually, 90% of businesses use blogging to grow their customer base and business. Blogging is a huge part of marketing strategies and here’s how it can help your waste business gain customers. 

  • Build customer loyalty and trust. Blogging is a great way for your business to show off your expertise in the industry and show that you are knowledgeable. You can blog about all kinds of things when it comes to waste businesses. Make sure your blogs are relevant, factual, and helpful to your audience as Google will use factors like that to rank your business. 
  • Blogging increases your visibility online. Write blogs that answer questions your customers are asking. You want to make sure the blog post is 300 words long at a minimum and that you also include an image with the blog post.
  • Including an image along with the blog post. This will help customers connect to the content and will help your blog post get seen by more potential customers.

Do you need help making your website mobile friendly or making a website from scratch? Talk to a ServiceCore digital marketing expert today to see how we can help you turn your website into your top seller.