8 Ways To Attract New Customers To Your Portable Sanitation Business With Local Marketing

Getting new customers is a challenge for any small business. It’s probably obvious that any portable sanitation company needs to market to their local area, but you may be unclear about how to develop an effective local marketing strategy. In this post, we share eight simple ways to use local marketing to attract new customers, keep existing ones, and grow your business.

    1. Organic SEOOrganic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a huge part of local marketing. If potential clients can’t find you online, you’ll be losing leads every single day. There are many ways to improve your SEO including using local keywords on your website and in your social media profiles. The most important thing you can do to boost SEO is to have a Google My Business (also known as Google Local) page. This page helps you get found on search, and it’s fast and easy to create! Just go to google.com/business and click “start now.”
  • Paid Advertising
    While organic SEO is an ongoing effort that can take several months to show results, paid advertising is an effective way to quickly boost your website traffic and generate new leads. Paid advertising includes Pay-Per-Click and display ads through the Google advertising network, Facebook ads, and paid ads on other social networking sites. There are many resources to help you get started with Google AdWords and Facebook advertising.
  • Run a Contest
    People love contests! You can run a contest through your website, social media, or even in local newspapers and other community publications. It really doesn’t matter what you give away, but the best approach is give away a free service or discount to introduce potential customers to your business. Once a customer chooses a company for any service (plumbing, computer repairs, etc.), they tend to stick with that company unless they have a negative experience.
  • Host an Event
    Hosting a local event is a great way to introduce new customers to your business without using aggressive sales techniques. A charitable event, cookout, seminar, networking event, or baseball game gives you the opportunity to get your company name out there, meet with potential customers, and become an important member of your local community.
  • Share Local News
    People love to read about their own city/town/neighborhood. If your company has a blog, you can share local news or write content tailored to your area (which has the side benefit of boosting your website’s SEO). You can also use social media to post articles and events that might interest your followers, and comment on the latest news.
    1. Participate in Community EventsIf you don’t have time to host an event, you can still participate in community gatherings. Create a simple float for a parade, sponsor a youth sports team, gather a group of employees to volunteer at a local charity, and attend networking events through your local business association or chamber of commerce. This gets your company name out there without the time and effort of planning the event yourself.
    2. Reach out Personally Staying in touch with current customers and reaching out to new ones is an important part of building loyalty to your business. While e-mail and other digital marketing strategies make it easy to reach multiple people at once, don’t underestimate the power of a personal touch. A handwritten thank you note or holiday card shows that you care about your customers. Consider sending out reminder cards when it’s time for your customer to schedule regular maintenance jobs or noting customer birthdays so you can send them a personal e-mail. The more you treat each customer like he/she is a part of your family, the more they will value the relationship.
  • Create a Referral Program
    Word of mouth is extremely important aspect of local marketing for any portable restroom company. How many times have you chosen a service provider based on a personal recommendation? I recently moved back to my hometown and relied on my parents and sisters to find a doctor, dentist, car mechanic, etc. If someone your customer trust recommends you, it saves that person the time and effort of searching the internet and reading reviews and brings the business directly to your doorstep. A strong referral program should reward both the existing customer who refers a friend or family member, as well as the new prospect. Consider handing out a card that gives a customer 20% off their next job when they refer a friend. The new customer also receives a discount or offer, generating goodwill and keeping the referral cycle going.

With a strong local marketing strategy, you will be well on the way to growing your business and increasing revenues. See how ServiceCore’s Digital Marketing experts can help your business’s marketing strategies for you so you can focus on your customers.