Local Marketing Tactics To Attract More Customers To Your Portable Sanitation Business

Crafting an effective local marketing strategy is essential for small businesses—especially those in the sanitation industry. We’ve come up with five tips that can help you stand out from your competition, attract new customers, and keep old ones coming back! So let’s dive right into how to make sure your business doesn’t go unnoticed.

What is local marketing and why is it important for waste businesses?

With local marketing, you can target potential customers within driving distance of your business. By focusing on people near you who may be interested in what you have to offer – whether they’re looking for it now or sometime down the line – these tactics help boost visibility and build relationships with nearby consumers and make sure you aren’t wasting time or money on people out of reach. 

For local businesses, there’s no substitute for a well-planned marketing strategy. Digital solutions can be incredibly effective—but without paying attention to your location and target demographic you could wind up wasting valuable advertising budget on an audience that will never convert into customers. Crafting a savvy localized approach should ensure every dollar spent works to get the maximum benefit from potential customers in your area!

1. Optimize Your Waste Businesses Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It’s never been more important to make sure your business can be found online. Optimizing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for any successful local marketing plan – but where do you start? A great first step is to create a Google My Business page, which helps potential customers easily find all the information they need about what services or products you offer in their area. Setting up this valuable resource only takes minutes and couldn’t be simpler; just go to google.com/business to get started or have a ServiceCore digital marketing expert handle this for you. If you already have a GBP, you can find tips in this blog for ways to optimize your Google Business Profile to help your business rank higher. 

Another way to ensure your waste business’s digital marketing strategy is effective is to localize your website. Website localization is a way to make your website content more useful and meaningful for users from your target market area. Research what words and phrases are associated with local SEO so that you reach individuals in the area. More customers can see your business in search results by including references to nearby towns or regions within your website language – such as “serving tri-state area”. By adapting content for the language and culture in your town, you can ensure that your visitors get information tailored just for them and not someone on the other side of the country. 

Local SEO is essential for delivering the right content to your target customers; and you can improve it even further by using keyword research tools like Google Analytics, Trends, and Search Console. By optimizing your website with local-relevant words, more potential customers will discover what you have to offer – boosting traffic numbers in no time! See more ways to attract more customers to your business’s website in this blog

2. Take advantage of paid advertising

Wherever you live, targeted advertising can be a powerful tool to promote your brand. If you want to quickly grow your website traffic and bring in new leads, paid advertising should be part of your strategy. Digital giants, like Google and Facebook, use location-based filters to send personalized ads directly into consumers’ phones or computers – but don’t forget about the classic methods of promotion too! Newspapers, radio broadcasts, and physical coupon books remain great options for reaching customers in specific locations. 

3. Create unique landing pages for your businesses locations

Does your waste business have multiple locations? If so, you want to make sure each location has its own landing page. Oftentimes, businesses will only operate their locations on one singular website page. The pages lack specific information about each location and can confuse the customer searching for your services. For more tips about creating a better functioning website & landing pages, chat with a digital marketing expert today. 

4. Host a local event in your town

Holding a local event is an effective way to create connections within your community and draw more attention to your business. Options range from charity events, and barbecues, all the way up to hosting tickets at a nearby baseball game; you can use it as an opportunity not just to promote sales but also to get acquainted with potential customers while giving back to society in meaningful ways. You can also get involved in the community and build your brand without needing to plan something big! Take part in parades, sponsor youth sports teams, volunteer as an organization at local charities, or attend networking events. All these activities will help spread the word about your business while allowing you more time for other things.

5. Optimize your business’s social media 

Staying connected to your local customer base is essential. Providing up-to-date information on social media, like location and store hours, helps potential customers find you quickly – but it doesn’t stop there! You can establish an active presence online through prescheduled posts that keep current customers engaged and introduces them to new offerings of yours as well. Tools such as Hootsuite make this process efficient and manageable for any business needs.

There are many methods of local marketing that you can use at little or no cost to your business. Spending time optimizing your online presence is vital in today’s business world. However, we know it can be difficult to find the time to dedicate to your digital marketing tactics. That’s why our experts over at ServiceCore can do it all for you! Set up a chat with them today to see how they can help you make sales in your sleep.

About the Author: Karsen

Karsen is a Marketing Specialist at ServiceCore. When she's not creating & sharing content for our community of Portable Sanitation & Dumpster Rental Operators, she loves hiking, snowboarding, concerts, & adventuring with her dog!
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