Common Bizarre and Disgusting Things Found in Porta Potties

Key Takeaways

  • Porta-potties often contain unexpected items like trash and used diapers, so always be ready for surprises.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance are key to prevent health hazards from germs, insects, and mold.
  • Be prepared to manage common unpleasant finds like vomit, cigarette butts, and bodily fluids.
  • Stay cautious and alert for odd and potentially dangerous items like animals or needles.
  • Maintaining cleanliness in porta-potties is important for user comfort and upholding your business’s reputation.

Row of blue and yellow porta potties - Common Bizarre and Disgusting Things Found in Porta Potties - ServiceCore Blog
Have you ever stepped into a porta-potty and been the opposite of impressed? If your answer is yes, then we’ve got some eye opening news for you! From mysterious substances on every surface to abandoned bags full of unknown objects – it’s all too real. In this blog post, buckle up as we deep dive into the most common disgusting surprises lurking in portable toilets at events around the world. So let’s get ready to explore just how far filth can go inside these enclosures – hold onto something tight!

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Things are often found in porta-potties

Man in gas mask exiting large tan portable toilet - Common Bizarre and Disgusting Things Found in Porta Potties - ServiceCore Blog
From puddles of who-knows-what to unidentifiable objects, these are some things one might encounter in a porta-potty.

  • Trash: Portable restrooms can quickly become overrun with garbage, from food wrappers to used diapers. This unwelcome trash unfortunately draws in pests – compromising the cleanliness of these facilities and creating an unhygienic situation for those who use them.
  • Germs: Contaminated surfaces can quickly become breeding grounds for E. coli, Salmonella and other dangerous microorganisms which could cause illness. It’s essential to maintain a high level of hygiene in order to prevent these disease-causing organisms from spreading – one wrong move is all it takes!
  • Insects: Porta potties offer a humid and inviting environment for some not-so-inviting critters! Flies, mosquitoes, and cockroaches are frequent visitors to these portable bathrooms due to the higher moisture content than found in other places. It’s important that we keep an eye out for pesky insects when using them!
  • Urine and Feces: Though frequently used, porta potties can easily become unsightly and smelly due to neglected sanitation practices. Over time, the buildup of human waste makes them unpleasant for users – so make sure you stay on top of maintenance!
  • Mold and Mildew: Without proper ventilation, mold and mildew can quickly take over these units – reducing the air quality so far that it becomes difficult to breathe. Not only can this be a health hazard but also has potential of creating an unsafe environment with slippery surfaces inside restroom facilities.
  • Unidentified Objects: Porta potties are often the final resting places for a range of unwanted objects, from beer bottles and drug paraphernalia to who-knows-what. Unwelcome in households or workplaces, these items find their way into portable restrooms – often out of sight but not forgotten!
  • Vomit: At events where alcohol is served, risk of mess increases. Unfortunately for restroom attendants, this could mean trying to tackle the dreaded porta potty clean-up – an unpleasant prospect indeed!.
  • Cigarette butts: It’s an unfortunately common sight in porta potties: Cigarette butts, carelessly left behind by smokers who don’t have access to a convenient ashtray.
  • Broken Glass and Sharp Objects: Portable toilets are the go-to for party people and other merrymakers, who often enjoy bringing their favorite drinks in with them – sometimes resulting in a few broken glass shards left behind.
  • Bodily Fluids: Bodily fluids such as urine, vomit, and blood are too common in porta potties. These collect bodily fluids substances spread easily due to the close quarters of the toilet, so it is best to take extra care when using them.
  • Used Sanitary Products: Common finds include used tampons, diapers, and sanitary napkins. This is a sure sign that porta potties are not properly maintained or cleaned – a practice that event organizers and staff should always follow.
  • Foreign Objects: Random items can often be found inside portable toilets, ranging from broken glass bottles to discarded needles and syringes. Again, this indicates that the porta potty has not been regularly serviced, emptied, or safely destroyed.

Disgusting things are often found in porta potties

Multiple orange porta potties - Common Bizarre and Disgusting Things Found in Porta Potties - ServiceCore Blog
Portable toilets are often seen as disgusting, but there’s a hidden story behind what lurks within. From mysterious substances coating walls and floors to forgotten bags of peculiar items left behind – events featuring portable restrooms can be home to some unexpected surprises.

  • Human waste: It is one of the most common disgusting items in porta potties. Whether it’s urine or feces, this is one sight that no one wants to see when stepping into a porta potty. Unfortunately, even with proper maintenance, these substances can still linger inside for extended periods due to inadequate bleach.
  • Used toilet paper: People often leave their dirty and wet tissue behind, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and other germs.
  • Plastic bottles and bags: These items can clog the drainage systems of the porta potties, making it difficult to clean them out properly.
  • Toilets not equipped with a working flush system: To make matters worse, some portable toilets are not equipped with a working flush system or hand-washing station – making them even more of a health hazard.
  • Used condoms and other sexual items: It’s not uncommon to find used condoms, lubricants, sex toys, and other items that hint at illicit activities inside portable toilets.
  • Needles and syringes: Although not common, needles and syringes can sometimes be found inside porta potties. This is especially true if the portable toilets are near drug-use areas. Users should safely destroy these.

The strangest things are often found in porta-potties

The strangest things often found in porta potties include the followings:

  • Animals: Yes, animals have been known to hide in portable toilets. Common examples include birds, rodents, and even snakes. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings when using these toilets, as the last thing you want is a surprise encounter with an animal. Suppose you spot an animal inside the porta-potty. In that case, it is best to leave it alone and inform event organizers, sanitation workers, or staff so that they can take the necessary steps to remove the animal safely.
  • Bombs: In Washington state, USA, a pipe bomb was found in a porta potty. It is highly unusual to find bombs in these toilets, but they are not unheard of. Suppose you ever spot any strange objects or suspicious packages inside the porta-potty. In that case, it is best to immediately leave the area and alert the authorities of the portable toilet company.
  • Fetuses: A construction worker in a porta potty outside an elementary school found a discarded third-trimester fetus. It is unclear how the fetus came to be inside the toilet, but it is yet another example of strange and disgusting things that can be discovered in these little enclosures.
  • Newborns: In 2019, a newborn baby was discovered alive in a porta potty in South Carolina. The baby was believed to be abandoned and left alone for nearly two days before being found by a passer-by.
  • Dead Bodies: In 2016, a sanitation worker discovered a body inside a porta potty in San Diego, California. The person was believed to have been deceased for days before the discovery. These strange and disgusting things are not everyday occurrences in porta-potties, but they serve as a reminder of how unpredictable these enclosures are.


From dangerous needles to animal remains and smelly diapers, porta potties are far from the most hygienic places – so it’s no wonder they have a bad reputation. However, despite their unsavory conditions, these portable bathrooms provide an invaluable service at events or construction sites where regular restrooms aren’t available; that is why we need people who can keep them clean by not littering and having someone standby during use in case of surprise obstructions!

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