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Operator Decides to Make The Switch to ServiceCore

Pro Waste, Inc. is a thriving portable toilet and dumpster company based in Berkeley, IL. They wanted software that could help their business run smoothly, but they struggled to find a tool that was designed specifically for operators like Pro Waste. That’s when they discovered their old software solution.

While it was designed for businesses like Pro Waste, according to the Owner, Marcus Dorsey, using it was difficult for their staff. The software was prone to frequent glitches, jobs would mysteriously disappear from routes, and customer support was lacking. “One day I just got fed up and decided to try ServiceCore,” said Dorsey.


  • Losing Units
  • Software Glitches
  • Empty Promises
  • Customer Support
  • Getting Paid

Using the Previous System Required Additional Tools To Run The Business

One of the challenges Pro Waste faced was that their previous system was not easy for their staff to use and it made managing customers difficult. It required multiple systems to get the job done “and that was very frustrating” said Dorsey. “I had an office lady quit because she didn’t like going between 4 and 5 applications.”

Billing Customers Wasn’t Easy And Prone To Mistakes

Pro Waste struggled with accurately billing its customers, and this led to lost revenue and wasted time. Dorsey shared that because it was difficult to get a customer on recurring billing, it was easy to make mistakes. As one example Dorsey said, “we were servicing a group of customers every week (up to a year for some of them) and we didn’t get paid.” Apparently, that mistake cost Pro Waste $15,000 in lost revenue and a lot of wasted time.

Using Multiple Systems Contributed To Lost Inventory

Pro Waste was using their old software, spreadsheets, and other tools to manage their inventory. Because everything was not in one place, mistakes happened, “we used to lose a lot of units” said Dorsey. “I once had Forest Preserves call me and tell me that a unit had been sitting there for a month and if I didn’t come pick it up they would dispose of it and send me a bill.”

Glitches, Poor Customer Support, And Empty Promises

Pro Waste kept experiencing glitches using their old system. “There were times when routes would not show up, or stops would vanish from a route,” said Dorsey. Drivers would also report that one of Pro Waste’s toilets was at a customer’s location, but not showing up on their route. Dorsey reported these glitches to the company, and when someone got back to him 2 days later, they said they couldn’t replicate the issue. Pro Waste was also promised that certain features would be coming soon and Dorsey said, “in the time I was with them, they never came.”

Pro Waste Makes The Switch From ServiceCore Alternative

When Pro Waste switched to ServiceCore, Dorsey admitted that he was “scared.” He said, “I almost got away during onboarding, but Wes saved the day.” Wes is one of many former operators that work on ServiceCore’s onboarding team. “Wes and Stefania (another former operator that works at ServiceCore) came in and showed us how to properly use ServiceCore,” said Dorsey. “It all clicked, it all worked. . . it worked great.”

Pro Waste’s Key Benefits Of Using ServiceCore

  • They do it all from one system that’s easy to use.
  • They know where their inventory is and they don’t lose units.
  • They can easily bill their customers and don’t miss out on revenue.
  • They are supported by former operators that know their business.
  • Their customers have a better experience after using ServiceCore.

SOLUTION: One Tool To Manage Customers, Track Inventory, And Automate Billing

Now that Pro Waste is using ServiceCore, they have everything they need to run their business without jumping in and out of multiple systems. “We essentially don’t have to leave ServiceCore for anything,” said Dorsey. That makes it easier on his staff and provides a better experience for Pro Waste’s customers.

ServiceCore solved Pro Waste’s inventory headaches. They know where units are, and they know if and when they’ve been serviced. And one of Dorsey’s favorite things about ServiceCore is simply put, “not losing units!”

One of the biggest improvements Pro Waste experienced when switching to ServiceCore was how much easier it was to do billing.

Dorsey said he likes how quickly his team can create and send estimates and invoices to their customers—all without ever leaving ServiceCore. “Because it’s easy to set our customers up on recurring billing, we bill our customers daily in just a few minutes, and we know exactly who owes us money,” said Dorsey. “In my old system, I had to bill customers that had a credit card on file separately from those that didn’t. In ServiceCore, I can batch bill all of my customers in minutes, and they can pay their bills online.”

With the improvements they’ve seen, Pro Waste has no regrets when it comes to making the switch to ServiceCore.

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