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If you’re new to the portable sanitation industry, deciphering the jargon can be both overwhelming and perplexing. Between roll-off dumpsters and portable restroom septic tank providers, there is a vast amount of knowledge that needs to be learned. 

To simplify this essential task for households everywhere we’ve compiled this helpful glossary of pumping terms so that you can understand every step in the process and guarantee your pumps are operating at maximum efficiency! 

Read through our extensive list of definitions below to get familiar with talking like an expert about any septic job – it’s never been easier!

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Common words porta septic pumping technicians need to know in their day-to-day business:


A device used to stir up the contents of a septic tank.


An underground chamber that stores wastewater without any treatment.

Discharge Hose

A type of hose designed to move effluent from one location to another.

Grease Trap

A filter designed to separate oils and fats from wastewater.

Inspection Clean Out

A port near the top of a septic tank designed to allow inspection and cleaning of the tank.

Level Indicator

A device used to measure the amount of liquid effluent in a septic tank.

Lid Lifter

A tool to open and close lids on septic tanks.

Pump Out

The process of removing wastewater and other solids from a septic tank.


A pipe or access chamber brings a septic system’s working parts above ground level.

Sewer Line Cleaner

A device used to clean clogged sewer lines.


A device used to control liquid flow in a septic system.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

An industrial facility designed to treat and dispose of sewage in an environmentally responsible manner.


A filter is designed to prevent debris from entering a septic system.

You can communicate septic pumping needs effectively by familiarizing yourself with these important words and phrases! This knowledge can also help inform decisions regarding the maintenance of your system and ensure that it is running at its optimal efficiency.

Additionally, having a solid understanding of these terms will help ensure your technicians are well-equipped to handle any job. By having a comprehensive Glossary of Septic Pumping Terms, you’ll be able to provide customers with the best possible service and ensure your business is running smoothly.

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Common words roll-off dumpster owners need to know in their day-to-day business:

Axle Weight

The total weight of a roll-off dumpster, including the load, container, and axle.

Container Drop

The process of dropping a roll-off dumpster in its designated location.

Curb-Side Pickup

When a roll-off dumpster is placed at the curb for collection.

Hook Lift

A type of truck attachment used to pick up and roll off dumpsters.

Load Weight

The total weight of the materials being loaded into a roll-off dumpster.

Overload Fee

A fee is charged for exceeding the maximum allowable weight for a roll-off dumpster.

Permit Fee

The amount charged by local governments to placeroll-offoff dumpsters in a designated location.

Tare Weight

The weight of an emproll-offoff dumpster, including the container and axle.

Transfer Station

A facility where waste is collected, stored, and processed before being disposed of.

These Glossary Roll-OffOff Dumpster Terms will help you stay informed and provide the best service to your customers. A comprehensive Glossary of Roll Off Dumpster Terms will prepare your team for any job.

By understanding these terms and staying current on local regulations, you can provide superior customer service while running an efficient operation.

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Expanding Service Offerings

In addition to extending your service to include septic tank cleaning and pumping, understanding the associated terminal is beneficial. To help you get started, we have compiled a Glossary of Septic Pumping Terms to help you better understand the concepts behind proper septic maintenance.

Sedimentation Tank:

A sedimentation tank is an enclosed vessel that separates suspended and solid particles from liquids. The sedimentation tank acts as a settling basin, allowing the heavier particles to settle out of the liquid before the cleaner liquid is discharged.

Sewerage System:

A sewerage system is a network of pipes, pumping stations,ons, and other components that convey wastewater from homes and businesses to a treatment facility. Onsite wastewater treatment systems offer a great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to profit from their port-potty operators.

Septic Tank:

A septic tank is an underground primary wastewater treatment system that stores and decomposes a before discharging into the environment. The tank typically consists of one or more compartments filled with bacteria that break down organic matter in the sewage.

Disposal Field:

A disposal field is an area of land designed to receive and disperse the effluent from a septic tank system.

Effluent is wastewater that is discharged from a treatment facility, usually after undergoing some processing.

Grit Chamber

A grit chamber is a sedimentation tank or basin designed to remove large, heavy particles such as sand and gravel from wastewater.

Pumping Station

A pumping station is a structure that houses pumps used to move liquid or gas through pipes and other components of a sewerage system. Electric motors, diesel engines, and oven wind turbines can power the pumping station.

Service Company

A septic service company is a business that specializes in providing services related to the maintenance and repair of septic tanks, disposal fields, and other components of residential and commercial wastewater systems.

Septic Tank Effluent Filter

A septic tank effluent filter is installed in the outflow pipe from the septic tank to help retain solids and reduce the risk of clogging in the disposal field.

Septic Tank Riser

A septic tank riser is a pipe or cylinder installed on top of a septic tank to provide access for maintenance and inspection, depending on the application; the risers can be made from plastic, fiberglass, ass, or concretion.

Septic Tank Cleanout

A septic tank cleanout is a pipe or opening in the top of a septic tank that allows access for maintenance and inspection depending on the application; the cleanouts can be made from plastic, fiberglass, ass, or concretion.

Septic Pumping

Septic pumping of emptying a septic tank to remove solid waste and reduce the risk of clogging in the disposal field professional service company typically does septic pumping.


Ultimately, septic pump terminology can be intimidating and complicated. To assist you in understanding the process of pumping a septic system, we’ve gathered crucial definitions into one helpful glossary. The terms range from ‘sludge’ to ‘submersible pump,’ so if you’re looking to gain knowledge before administering your own portable sanitation service, this guide is an ideal resource for mastering all things related to alternative septic systems! Regular maintenance is pivotal when it comes to avoiding pricey repairs and guaranteeing maximum efficiency.

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