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Skyrocketing Productivity in the Dumpster Rental Industry with Docket

In the fast-paced world of dumpster rentals, companies are always looking for tools that can simplify their day-to-day tasks and boost productivity. King’s Roll-Off Service is one of those companies. Their journey towards improved operations began when they discovered Docket – an all-in-one solution to their needs. This is the story of how they transitioned from multiple disjointed software systems to a single, comprehensive tool. We interviewed Angela, operations manager at King’s Roll-Off Service, to tell us what changed when they switched to Docket.

Hurdles with King’s Roll-Off Service’s Old Software

King’s Roll-Off Service was juggling multiple software systems to manage customers, billing, and driver schedules. But these programs weren’t efficient. “There were times when I couldn’t give people things to do because there was so much lag time.” Here’s why King’s needed a change:

  • Their first software promised a lot but didn’t deliver on all fronts.
  • The second platform they tried didn’t integrate with their billing system.
  • Routing features in their software weren’t keeping up with their ever-changing need

King’s Roll-Off Service needed a tool that could handle all their tasks efficiently. Enter Docket.

Skyrocketing Productivity in the Dumpster Rental Industry with Docket

Finding and Switching to Docket: A Positive Step Forward

When their old solutions couldn’t keep pace, King’s Roll-Off Service started hunting for something better. Docket seemed like the perfect fit. Switching to Docket was smooth sailing, thanks to the fantastic customer support team who helped every step of the way. According to Angela, “Docket support is just unbelievable. They continually surprise you on how good their customer service is.”

King’s Roll-Off Service was able to simplify their operations, setting them up for growth in a competitive industry with their switch to Docket

  • Boosting Efficiency: King’s Roll-Off Service saw their operations improve with Docket’s reliable driver app. By linking different parts of the business, like billing and asset tracking, they saved significant time and money.
  • Automated Billing: One of King’s Roll-Off Services’ favorite features of Docket is automated billing. It made the billing process more efficient and stress-free.
  • Scaling up: They not only improved their workflow but have found it easier to scale their operations. Docket’s adaptability to their changing needs proved it was the game-changer they had been looking for.

Docket’s Impact: Beyond Software

Because of Docket, King’s Roll-Off Service noticed:

  • Happier Drivers: According to Angela, “You cannot put a price on knowing your drivers are happy!”
  • Cost Savings: Downtime reduction and efficient billing saved money, increasing profits. “We are more efficient, we are saving time, which is money.”
  • Top-Notch Customer Support: Available through various channels, Docket’s support team made the transition process easy.
Skyrocketing Productivity in the Dumpster Rental Industry with Docket


For King’s Rolloff Service, switching to Docket was a transformative decision. In the words of their operations manager, “Ever since we started using Docket, our workflow has been smoother and we’ve seen our profits increase. It’s one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made.”

One example of Docket’s impact is how it revolutionized their billing process. Before Docket, it was a manual, time-consuming task. Now, with automated billing, the process is efficient, stress-free, and without errors. This has not only increased their productivity but also improved their relationships with customers.

The journey with Docket has been a long and rewarding one for King’s Roll-Off Service. They’ve been using the software for over two years, and during this time, they’ve not only seen their operations improve but have also experienced significant business growth.

“If you’re a dumpster rental company, big or small, Docket is a no-brainer.” says the operations manager.

By simplifying dumpster operations and paving a clear path for growth, Docket could be the solution to your operational challenges too.

Ready to see how Docket can transform your dumpster rental business? Get a demo here.

About the Author: Liam Sabot

Liam is an author of over 70 articles about portable toilet rental, septic pumping, and dumpster business management. He is dedicated to providing important information to help sanitation businesses succeed.
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