How SouthPoint Rentals Simplified their Business with ServiceCore

SouthPoint Rentals is a portable sanitation business located in South Texas, and they provide portable toilets and roll-off dumpster rentals for their customers. Jonathan Sandoval, the General Manager, and John Saenz, the Operations Manager, shared their journey and experience switching to ServiceCore, and how it made their business more efficient.

Challenges Before ServiceCore

Before SouthPoint Rentals switched to ServiceCore, they faced several challenges that made running their business tougher.

  • Juggling Multiple Programs: Jonathan and John were stuck using many different programs that just didn’t work together. Jonathan said, “We had numerous softwares… and it just wasn’t doing it for us at all. None of those platforms were all inclusive.”
  • Billing Bottlenecks: Trying to make their old software work with QuickBooks for billing was a big headache. John shared, “We were having to do double the work or three times the work and it didn’t make any sense for us.”
  • Software Hurdles: When the one person who really knew how to use SouthPoint’s old software left, it put everyone in a tough spot. John said, “I feel like that’s a big thing for a lot of people, if one person at the company knows the software super well and they leave and the company gets put in a bad position.”
  • Routing Nightmares for Drivers: Setting up routes for their drivers was a real headache. They used a software solution for routing that John described as a nightmare, “Our previous software was a nightmare. I was having to go in and every day, go and manually move them around and, and I had to do it myself.”

With these challenges, SouthPoint knew it was time to switch to a system that could bring all parts of their business together and help them focus on their growth.

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Making the Leap to ServiceCore

SouthPoint Rentals’ decision to implement ServiceCore came after dealing with many hurdles in their daily operations and their previous solutions. The turning point came when they saw ServiceCore at the PSAI Convention and Trade Show.

John shared that they were impressed that they could manage their entire business in one place. “The ease of doing everything from one screen and not having to go back and forth to move it around. With our other software, we started with only portable toilets and then when we added rolloffs. It had them as two separate accounts and it just wasn’t working.”

Initially, the cost of ServiceCore was a concern for John and Jonathan, “We had looked at ServiceCore in the past, but the price was higher than we wanted to pay so we went another route.” Once they saw the difference ServiceCore could make in their daily lives, they realized that they made a mistake going with a cheaper software. “Needless to say, you get what you pay for.”

ServiceCore in Action at SouthPoint Rentals

Switching to ServiceCore made a big difference in the lives of the employees at SouthPoint Rentals in several key areas:

  • Streamlined Workflows: Consolidating tasks onto a single platform made their daily tasks much less complicated and time consuming. “It allows us to really focus on what’s important versus spending too much time setting up routes and making sure our drivers had what they needed for the day. ServiceCore has freed up time for us to focus on our growth.”
  • A Better Website: With ServiceCore Websites, SouthPoint Rentals noticed an improvement in their online presence. They were getting more traffic and even started getting business from the website that they weren’t getting before.
  • User-Friendly Platform: Jonathan and John love how easy ServiceCore is to learn and use, “Anybody can use it. Just log in and do everything from one page. You can take payment and schedule services all on the same page instead of our old software that make you jump from screen to screen.”
  • Happier Drivers: The drivers find the new system to be more helpful and easier to use. John explained that the drivers can complete jobs faster and they were happier (less complaints!) with ServiceCore.
  • Helpful Onboarding: SouthPoint loved their hands-on onboarding they received from ServiceCore’s former operators, “it made it easier because they weren’t coming to try to ram stuff down our throat. They know what we’re going through because they’ve worked in our industry. They have open ears and they were wanting to listen”


The switch to ServiceCore has been a game-changer for SouthPoint Rentals. Not only did it simplify their daily tasks, and free up a bunch of their time, but it also brought a new level of efficiency and satisfaction to their work.

For other operators out there who might feel stuck or overwhelmed, SouthPoint’s journey is a reminder that the right tools can open up new possibilities. John’s advice for anyone considering switching their current processes is: “If you want to take your business to another level, you have to take that next step. And you can take that step with confidence because of ServiceCore!”

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Liam Sabot

Liam is an author of over 50 articles about portable toilet rental, septic pumping, and dumpster business management. He is dedicated to providing important information to help sanitation businesses succeed.

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