In 1983 Northwest Michigan, Williams & Bay Pumping Services was founded by Ron Williams. Over the years, the company grew largely under Owner Lynden Johncock and Operations Manager Cy Wakeley. As the business expanded, there were continued growing pains due to their manual processes.

Tasks such as scheduling and billing were time-consuming and prone to human error. Billing, in particular, was a nightmare for Office Manager Aaren Londo, with invoices needing to be individually crafted, checked, and dispatched. 

Senior Administrator Denise Schoelles, who has been with the company for over a decade, witnessed firsthand the struggles of manually inputting and retrieving information. The company even tried a new software system that ended up falling short of expectations. 

This made their daily grind even more challenging as they were trying to grow the business.



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Female Office Staff using ServiceCore software for portable sanitation and septic businesses




The team faced a difficult choice: stick with a system that limited their growth or put all their eggs in one basket. They turned to ServiceCore to revolutionize their operations and experienced several immediate benefits including:


Time-saving Workflows

  • Previously, it took Denise almost three hours each month to process recurring invoices; with ServiceCore, this task now takes less than five minutes. 
  • Auditing all invoices before sending them out used to be a time-consuming process, but now, Aaren can complete this task within ten minutes.

The ability for our admins to be able to input that information real-time as quickly as possible is very important to us.”


Improved Customer Service 

  • It’s important for office staff to quickly and accurately update and interact with customer information in the software. This helps drivers stay up-to-date and operate their services with fewer delays.
  • Texting customers through the app helps prepare both the customer and driver for the ETA of unit drop-off, pick-up, and servicing, creating a seamless operation and improving their job completion rate.

“We needed a program that could address our distinct requirements while enhancing efficiency across customer interactions, routing, and invoicing. We needed it to be able to be used quickly, efficiently, and improve connections with customers and field operations alike.”


Close Up visual of green porta potty labelled with the William's and Bay Pumping company logo


User-friendly Software

  • The schedule is now straightforward to view, all from one screen. They can see their day or week at-a-glance.
  • Before ServiceCore, finding a customer took several steps and Denise would have to go hunting to get the information she needed.

“All the information that we had in the office was now available to our drivers immediately. So it stopped them from having to call the office to get more information.”


Fast & Efficient Invoicing

  • Speedy invoicing led to quicker payments, which enhanced Williams & Bay’s cash flow, and reduced frustrations and disputes. 
  • With ServiceCore’s quick billing features, what once took the team hours now takes minutes, enhancing overall productivity.

“We’ve gone from trying to invoice each one out separately, with a program that was pretty hard to function with. Now we can invoice customers almost as immediately as the trucks leave their location.”


Red Williams & Bay Pumping Truck positioned next to Williams & Bay green porta potty in the lot where the toilets are stored


Reports That Make Sense 

  • With ServiceCore, Cy can quickly pull different reports about the business based on what areas of the business he wants to focus on. This gives Owner, Lynden, reports that provide valuable insights into the business’s performance, creating more informed decision-making and optimizing

“I live in those reports, and the reason I live in those reports is because I can see trends of the operations. It has saved me so much time in trying to figure out paperwork or an Excel spreadsheet, that I understand what we’re really doing. I grab the report I need, and I move on with my life”


By integrating ServiceCore into their workflow, Williams & Bay Pumping Services enhanced their efficiency, profitability, and customer service.  They took a big step in their overall mission to be their best. Their story is about doing more than just getting through changes—it’s about doing well because of them. This means “the Guys in the Clean Red Trucks” keep helping their community just like they always have, but now they can do it even better with ServiceCore making their operation more efficient and profitable.


“ServiceCore’s software is completely adaptable
to anyone, everyone in this industry.”

– Lynden Johncock, Owner


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About the Author: Emily McMahon

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