Years In, VannGo Continues to Benefit From ServiceCore

VannGo Luxury Restrooms and Portable Solutions from Tennessee has carved out a niche in the portable sanitation industry, delivering top-tier service and a luxury experience. It was founded in 2019 by Damian and Lisa Baker. When we last visited VannGo, they had already identified challenges in their business:

  • Routing inefficiencies: Managing multiple systems made route planning cumbersome and error-prone.
  • Inventory management: Difficulty in tracking and allocating units for jobs led to operational chaos.
  • Complex billing processes: Using disparate systems for billing and customer management was time-consuming and prone to errors

Recognizing these challenges, VannGo turned to ServiceCore, an all-in-one software solution designed to simplify operations for businesses like theirs. “With the ServiceCore system, it really allows us to grow and expand and not worry about being overwhelmed.” says Damian. As VannGo continues to grow, they have not only benefited from their switch to ServiceCore but have also begun to use new features.


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Continued Growth and Success

Since the start of the business, VannGo has seen significant progress and expansion. According to Damian, “We’re here in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and we extend all the way to the border up north. And we go south of here about an hour, all through Middle Tennessee. And so we’ve expanded quite a bit.” 

The expansion brought its own set of challenges, but with solid solutions in place, VannGo has smoothly navigated these hurdles. “With ServiceCore, we feel confident whether you have 1000 units or whether you have 10,000 units, it would be just as easy.” Damian notes.


ServiceCore Helps with Billing:

Megan, who works on invoicing and accounting at VannGo, has found ServiceCore instrumental in making their daily tasks more manageable and efficient. Megan appreciates how ServiceCore provides clear visibility of her day’s workload right from the login screen, stating, “It tells me how many recurring invoices I have for the day and how many reminders I have for the day. So I know what my day is going to look like as soon as I log in.” This allows for better planning and time management.


ServiceCore Helps with Dispatch:

Bill, who is in charge of dispatch, values the system’s ability to connect the office and field operations dynamically. He highlighted how ServiceCore enables immediate communication and job adjustments: “We can send information directly to the driver and he gets it right away, we can change jobs on the fly.” This flexibility and real-time connectivity allows Bill to work from a different state. Despite being miles away, Bill easily coordinates the daily logistics as if he were right there in the office. 


This success story is not just about growing bigger but also about becoming more efficient and customer-focused. VannGo has successfully turned the challenges of rapid growth into opportunities to fine-tune their operations and enhance customer satisfaction.



Growing with ServiceCore

As VannGo continues to evolve, they have embraced ServiceCore’s latest tools that improve their operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

The use of SMS texting has improved how VannGo communicates with customers. They use text messages to provide their customers with driver ETAs. Damian Baker explains the impact, saying, “With SMS texting, it’s very easy to let our customers know that something might be blocking the site. When the driver gets directions, he just clicks, ‘Send ETA Text’ and it’ll send a message to the site supervisor.”



The Overall Benefits of ServiceCore for VannGo

VannGo’s partnership with ServiceCore has brought about significant improvements across various aspects of their operations. The all-in-one software solution has streamlined processes, enhanced customer communication, and supported VannGo’s growth ambitions effectively.


Improved Efficiency:

ServiceCore has dramatically simplified the way VannGo manages their routes and inventory. The ability to edit routes on the fly and manage inventory in real-time has reduced operational stress and improved efficiency. Damian Baker highlights this improvement, saying, “ServiceCore is very easy to use, easy to expand upon, easy to communicate with your team.”


Enhanced Customer Communication:

With the introduction of SMS texting, VannGo has taken customer communication to a new level. ServiceCore’s automated text messages ensure that customers are well-informed about the status of their services, enhancing overall satisfaction. Damian notes the practical benefits: “It’s a big value to us having SMS because we are not having our drivers parking on the side of the road to make a phone call or even worse, possibly making a phone call while they’re driving.”


Support for Growth:

While VannGo continues to expand its operations, ServiceCore fits perfectly with their growth strategy. It allows VannGo to handle increased demand without compromising on service quality.



As VannGo continues to use ServiceCore, they keep improving their service and operational efficiency in the portable sanitation industry. The adoption of new features helps VannGo grow and meet customer needs effectively. Damian and Lisa’s dedication to using ServiceCore ensures VannGo remains at the forefront of providing excellent service. For other operators considering ServiceCore, Damian had this to say, “We really love ServiceCore, they run a good operation there. They’re very responsive. They make updates very quickly and they’re just a really good team.”


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About the Author: Liam Sabot

Liam is an author of over 70 articles about portable toilet rental, septic pumping, and dumpster business management. He is dedicated to providing important information to help sanitation businesses succeed.
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