Why Your Waste Business Domain Name Should Match Your Email Address

If you’re reading this, you are investing time into improving the online presence of your liquid waste or roll-off business and that’s fantastic! Let’s dive in with the basics. What is your company’s domain? Your domain is the website name found in your waste business web address. For example, say your web address is, www.bestportablesdenver.com. That would mean your domain name is “bestportablesdenver”. 

As you begin to improve your online presence, you will have more and more potential customers arrive on your page. When they click to contact you, they see your email “bestdenverportables@gmail.com”. 

Now, why is this problematic? This email does not end with your company’s domain which can cause missed opportunities to convert all of those potential customers visiting your website by making your business appear less credible. In other words, it may look spammy. Your email address is often the first thing a prospect sees so you want to have a good first impression. 

Having the email address changed to “John@bestdenverportables.com” can make all the difference by showing your potential customers that you are an established and legitimate business. Plus, most people know if they just copy the end of your email, “@bestdenverportables.com”, and paste it into their web browser, they will arrive at your website thus driving more website visitors. 

How Do I Make An Email Address With My Operations Domain?

Long story short, there are many ways that you can accomplish this all depending on how you wish to use your email. The setup is a tad more work than a normal email account but is worth the extra effort in the long run. 

Google Workspace

This is ServiceCore’s most recommended platform (it’s what we use as well). That’s because Google Workspace is a very user-friendly option. This is also the same platform as Google Mail (Gmail) and is where you would access your Gmail account. Plus, it has multiple other functions you can utilize like calendars, spreadsheets, communication tools & more. Plus, if you haven’t purchased your domain, you can through Google and have both your domain & email in the same place. This service starts at $5/month after a 14-day free trial.

Steps to Creating Your Email

These steps will slightly vary depending on the provider you choose but will be very similar to the following: 

1. Create your new account

Decide which platform you want to utilize and use your pre-existing website address as the domain when signing up. After creating your account, you will receive the confirmation email in the account you are currently using.

2. Verify the domain you want to use

You need to do this in order to prove you own the website and that you want to create the email address. Here are the three ways to verify your website domain: 

  • TXT: 
    • Sign into your hosting account & go to the DNS editor found in the domain management section of your Cpanel.
      • If you are using Google Apps, choose the  “Alternative Methods” tab & the domain name provider
    • Add a new record by choosing TXT from the dropdown menu
    • Paste the txt code in the “Address” field.
    • Refer to the instructions in Google Apps or your provider in order to see what to put in the “Host” field (it will most likely be black).
    • Go back to Google Apps & click “Verify”
  • CNAME Method
    • Sign into your hosting account & go to the DNS editor found in the domain management section of your Cpanel.
      • If you’re using Google Apps, use the unique code from Google as the name & the code ending in domainverify.googlehosted.com as the CNAME
  • HTML Method: 
    • Download the HTML verification file
      • If you are using Google Apps, upload the file to the root folder (no extra steps necessary).

To activate Gmail through your domain host, follow the steps on this page.

3. Change the MX Records

Once you verify your domain, it’s important to change the MX records (or other domain hosts) in order to receive emails to the new correct address. Here are the steps you need to complete this on Google Workspace. Now all you have to do is test the emails once you are verified to ensure it is functioning properly. Congratulations! You have successfully created a domain email address. 

Our Digital Marketing team is here to help you with this process! That’s right, we will help you set up your email and improve your online presence so you can grow your business & focus on your customers. Schedule a call with our team for an in-depth conversation about how ServiceCore Digital Marketing can help you get more done & stress less.

About the Author: Karsen

Karsen is a Marketing Specialist at ServiceCore. When she's not creating & sharing content for our community of Portable Sanitation & Dumpster Rental Operators, she loves hiking, snowboarding, concerts, & adventuring with her dog!
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