ServiceCore vs CRO Software: What's Right For Your Business?

ServiceCore is an end-to-end software that’s designed to save you time, optimize driver routes, track inventory in real-time, and automate billing so you get paid faster. As a leading alternative to CRO Software, we’ll ensure your business has never run smoother—and your customers have never been happier.


EASE OF USEServiceCoreCRO Software
Software is easy to use by all departments?YesLearning curve
Ideal for operators running 5 or more trucks?YesLimited
Provides simple reports that make important numbers easy to understand?YesLimited
Easily manage customers and jobs from one screen?YesNo
Easy for CSRs to enter new customers and jobs from one screen?YesNo
Seamless flow of customer and job info between departments?YesLimited
Easy access to customer profiles, job history, notes, and prior invoices from one screen?YesNo
Ability to repeat complex jobs with just a few clicks?YesNo
Offers low credit card rates with ServiceCorePAY?YesNo
Requires separate system to bulk invoice customers?NoYes
Automatically batch bill customers with ServiceCorePAY?YesNo
Reduces past due invoices to near zero with ServiceCorePAY?YesNo
Integrates with QuickBooks?YesYes
Automatically optimizes routes to save on fuel and overtime pay?YesNo
Drag and drop route assignment on a map?YesLimited
Easily assign drivers and jobs?YesLimited
Pinpoint accuracy of service, pick-up, and drop-off locationsYesYes
Know where all of your inventory is at all times?YesComplex
See how much inventory is in your yard vs on job sites?YesComplex
Calendar view of the availability of your units?YesNo
Provide virtual or onsite training?YesLimited
Large onboarding and support teams?YesNo
Former operators working on support and onboarding teams?YesLimited
Driver-friendly mobile application?YesLimited
Mobile application built for smartphones and tablets?YesLimited
Mobile app Apple Store rating4.1 stars2.8 stars


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ServiceCore the best alternative to CRO Software Solutions?

ServiceCore is built specifically for portable rental, septic, grease, and roll-off rental operators. It cuts wasted time, easily manages jobs, optimizes routes, tracks inventory, and automates billing. You’re able to manage customers from a single screen (not multiple screens!), your billing and invoices are unified, and everything is easy to use by all of your departments.

Why do portable restroom businesses choose ServiceCore over CRO Software Solutions?

Our software has been developed with input from former operators who have an intimate knowledge of the portable restroom business to inform what’s most important. That’s why ServiceCore is easy to learn, offers full support, integrates with QuickBooks, and makes scheduling simple with drag-and-drop calendars. We even automatically optimize routes for drivers, and provide real-time inventory tracking.

Why do septic businesses choose ServiceCore over CRO Software Solutions?

ServiceCore makes drivers more efficient by reducing time spent on paperwork, avoiding routing issues, cutting down on wasted drive time, and tracking down overdue invoices. With a single system that manages everything in one place, you’ll save time and serve more customers.

Why do roll-off dumpster businesses choose ServiceCore over CRO Software Solutions?

Managing your roll-off business can often feel like dancing with a partner who hears different music. We make sure everyone—from the front office to drivers to billing—is dancing to the same beat. No more missed inventory. No more skipped exchanges. Just everyone being perfectly in sync.

Does ServiceCore integrate with QuickBooks?

ServiceCore is compatible with QuickBooks and offers two-way data synchronization. We are fully equipped to support data migration to ServiceCore. Our data specialists can also help you with data migration from other software platforms like CRO Software.

What types of businesses are not a good fit for ServiceCore?

ServiceCore is great for liquid waste or roll-off businesses that want to make their business more productive. If you’re in an industry outside of portable restrooms, septic, grease, or roll-off dumpsters CRO Software Solutions is a better choice.

How much does ServiceCore cost?

Our pricing structure accommodates a wide range of operators — from multi-truck companies to enterprise corporations with complex structures. ServiceCore is not the cheapest solution. Why? Because we provide the best training, support, and customer service out of any ServiceCore alternatives, and offer the best software that drives productivity for your business. The best way to get an exact price is to schedule a demo.

Why are portable restroom, septic, and roll-off operators choosing ServiceCore over CRO Software?

Better Billing
Integrated billing and invoicing streamlines paperwork and makes it easy for customers to pay faster.

Real-time inventory tracking, schedule and route optimization, and frictionless billing—we make every part of your business run more productively.

Happier Customers
From the first customer call to dispatching to fulfillment, we help teams increase productivity so customers have the best experience possible.

Former Operators Work Here!
Our onboarding and support teams are made up of former operators. They’ve walked in your shoes and know the pain and inefficiencies of running a business on spreadsheets or software that’s hard to use or isn’t well supported. And they know how ServiceCore made their businesses more productive. When you sign up with ServiceCore, former operators are guiding your business along the way.

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