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Who can I contact with questions?2024-04-09T15:10:48+00:00

Please contact our sales team at sales@servicecore.com with any questions.

How long will it take to move to ServiceCore?2024-04-09T15:10:35+00:00

To efficiently handle the volume of customers migrating from TAC to ServiceCore, we are setting up an onboarding queue/waitlist that will allow us to best manage the onboarding processes. The queue will operate on a first-come-first-served basis and once we have completed your sales and onboarding paperwork, we will develop an onboarding date that works best for both of our teams.

Once your onboarding process has kicked off, the migration from TAC to ServiceCore usually takes 6-12 weeks depending on how large your business is.

Can you migrate my data from TAC to ServiceCore?2024-04-09T15:09:30+00:00

One huge benefit of moving from TAC to ServiceCore, versus any other software provider, is that we can migrate almost all of your TAC data to ServiceCore which significantly reduces the work for a successful migration.

We will be able to bring in to ServiceCore all of the following TAC data via our custom data migration tool:
• Customer Details
• Site Location details
• Inventory information
• Open Accounts Receivable Data
• Active Jobs and Rentals Data
• Current and future recurring Invoice Details

All data migrations require a review and validation by you, the business owner, so you will need to validate this information once we migrate it to ServiceCore but we can handle the migration work.

Why should I consider a move to ServiceCore?2024-04-09T15:09:12+00:00

The benefit of adopting ServiceCore will translate into a significant reduction in the time it takes to complete every key aspect of running your day-to-day operations:
• Job and Rental Creation
• Route Optimization
• One-time and Recurring Billing
• Integrated Credit Card and ACH Payments
• In-Field Navigation and Job Completion via Mobile App

The across-the-board efficiencies translate into a more streamlined billing and collection workflow, happier and better-trained staff, and fuel savings that can yield $1,000s of dollars in savings per month (based on real customer feedback).

How can I get a demonstration of ServiceCore?2024-04-09T15:08:55+00:00

Please click here to schedule a demonstration of the ServiceCore product in detail.

What’s next?2024-04-09T15:08:23+00:00

We invite you to get a demonstration of ServiceCore to validate whether or not it is the right fit for your business going forward. That said, you are under no obligation to migrate to ServiceCore which is why we are reaching out well in advance of the shutdown date to allow you ample time to consider your options.

Our sales team will be contacting you to schedule a demonstration of ServiceCore’s robust features and discuss the migration process in detail.

Should you choose to not make a move to ServiceCore, we will be as helpful as we can be to you in your move to another provider.

Why this change?2024-04-09T15:08:07+00:00

TAC is built on programming languages and technologies that are 20+ years old. We can no longer guarantee the security and performance of those legacy technologies. As a critical software provider, we are not willing to let our customers be exposed to these potential vulnerabilities and therefore we are moving to shut down the program.

Furthermore, over the last 6 years, we have built ServiceCore into the most modern and best software solution specifically built for the liquid waste and roll-off industries. With over 1,500 customers and over 100 employees, we are confident that ServiceCore will be a better experience for our TAC users.

What’s happening to TAC?2024-04-09T15:07:43+00:00

The TAC software program will be shut down at the end of 2024. As of December 31, 2024, we will no longer support the TAC online product and you will not be able to access that solution via the Remote Desktop Connection.

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