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The Importance of Customer Service in Portable Restroom Business

Exceptional customer service is key when it comes to portable restroom providers. After all, these services are essential in any outdoor project or event. But the question remains: what makes a provider’s customer service exceptional? In this blog post, we take an insightful look at how companies can improve their customer service with helpful tips from seasoned PROs. Top-notch client satisfaction is the goal, and we’re here to help.

Some key things we will go over include:

  • Creating a great customer experience
  • Getting and Responding to Feedback
  • Staying in touch with customers
  • Showing appreciation

Creating a great customer experience for portable restroom operators:

Fostering a Great Corporate Culture

The first step to making your customers happy is making your staff happy. Every interaction you or your service technicians have with customers is an opportunity. Prove to them that your company is the best in the industry and you’re sure to win repeat business from them for years. Good communication from the top down goes a long way to make sure everyone feels heard and respected.

Providing Clean Products

Customers care about clean products. After all, you are in the portable sanitation industry. Your job is to ensure the outdoor event or job site is clean from human waste. They expect your portable restrooms to be clean every time.

That means that your portable restrooms are deodorized, scrubbed down, and replenished with essentials. Consistency is key here. Some ways you can ensure your units are being cleaned on a consistent basis include:

  • Setting up systems and schedules for your restroom service technicians 
  • Documenting which units need an extra clean
  • Keeping cleaning supplies fully stocked (especially through the busy season)
  • All portable toilets are following health and safety regulations

Prompt Service in Portable Restroom Business

Like in most businesses, providing prompt service is foundational to great service. And for portable toilet operators, it’s no different. Here are some calls you’ve probably received before:

  • Unit (portable restroom) didn’t get cleaned
  • I saw the driver stop but he didn’t actually clean it
  • Your driver said the unit was blocked, but he never called or got out of the truck to ask someone to move what was blocking it
  • The driver didn’t place the unit where we wanted it to go
  • The unit didn’t get picked back up on time
  • Your driver drove over my flower bed
  • Your driver backed into our fence

The list goes on, but you get the point! When you get these phone calls, it’s your job to handle them promptly.

Punctuality In Portable Restroom Business

Being on time may be the single most underrated hack in providing great customer service. From the customer’s point of view, they may have an event that is time-sensitive. Weddings, concerts, and sports events are a few examples.

Delivering a portable restroom late can be the difference between a happy customer and an angry one. The last thing you want is to get a call from a customer wondering when their units will arrive. Following these steps are some first steps to creating great customer service.

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Providing additional Portable Sanitation Products:

Providing add-on products or services for your customers may set you above your competition. This includes eco-friendly products, cleaning services, or even discounted rates.

Questions that can help lead to better products or services include:

  • What products might they appreciate?
  • What cleaning services would I appreciate if I were my customer?
  • What discounts could I offer?

Above all else, ensure that the customer is at the forefront of everything you do. Customers are your most important asset and should always be respected and appreciated.

If you focus on customer service, it will pay dividends for your business in the long run.

Getting and Responding to Feedback:

If you haven’t talked to your customer service team in a minute, this tip is for you! Getting feedback from your customers on how they are enjoying doing business with you is essential. By taking the time to understand your customers you can create greater empathy with them.

This data will no doubt serve to create loyal customers.

Why Listening to Your Customer Service Team Matters

Your customer service team is an invaluable source of information to improve the efficiency of your business. They have intel on your service technicians, portable restroom status, and more. Here are some possible outcomes you can get by listening and responding to feedback:

-Improving the value of your services

-Developing new products or services (see above)

-Fine-tune existing service lines

You’ll be surprised by the information you’ll receive by opening the conversation. What are you waiting for!? Get the ball rolling today!

Ways to Stay In Touch With Clients:

Finally, it is important to stay in touch with your client base. Keeping them up-to-date on promotions and other news about your business allows you to build customer relationships and encourage repeat business.

Staying in touch can be as simple as email updating customers on new services or products. Other ideas include hosting customer appreciation events. This may be a great way to bring in more potential clients as well.

But, if customers have had a negative experience and provided feedback about it, it’s important to address their concerns. This can help trade show your commitment to customer service and prevent further issues.

Showing Appreciation for Portable Restroom Operator Clients:

In addition to staying in touch with patrons, showing them appreciation is important. Because loyal customers will appreciate you if you appreciate them. It’s as simple as that.

Showing appreciation can be as simple as sending thank you notes or offering discounts on future services.

Some other ways to show your appreciation include:

  • Sending gift cards around the Holidays
  • Updating them on life events including marriages of newborns
  • Recognize patrons publicly with awards or social media posts
  • Giving them a call to see how their day is going
  • Sending personalized emails thanking them for their business
  • Offering referrals or incentives or discounts when appropriate

These are all great ways to encourage customer loyalty and keep them returning for more!

Importance of Customer Service in Portable Restroom Business

In conclusion, providing outstanding customer service is integral to your success in the portable toilet industry. Building trust and fostering relationships with customers is the first step toward building a portable restroom business made to last. It also allows for greater satisfaction amongst the general public and is a way to bring in a potential client. Creating a great customer service experience is key for any business owner wanting to stay successful and up-to-date with today’s ever-evolving marketplace.

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